Report released | trill “ice and snow sports data report 2022: the most popular figure skating

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On February 22, Tiktok released the “2022 Ice and Snow Sports Data Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), which presents the content characteristics of ice and snow sports on the platform in the past year from the dimensions of events and athletes.According to the report, figure skating is douyin’s favorite ice and snow sport, and speed skating is douyin’s favorite ice and snow sport with the biggest increase in likes over the past year.Figure skating topped the list, followed by short track speed skating, snowboarding and ice hockey.Figure skating, one of the most popular ice sports, yuzuru Hanyu, Russia’s three princesses, and Chinese athletes Sui Wenjing and Han Cong have staged many famous scenes in the Beijing Winter Olympics, and their stories are also frequently on the hot list of Douyin.After Gao Tingyu won the men’s 500-meter speed skating final on Feb 12, netizens lamented that they thought speed skating and short track speed skating were one and the same.Popular science videos by douyin’s creators, such as speed skater Zhang Hong and Teacher Physics Lei, also helped more people get to know speed skating, which became the most liked ice sport in Douyin in a year.Nordic biathlon (cross-country skiing and ski jumping), freestyle skiing, biathlon (cross-country skiing and shooting) and cross-country skiing also saw significant increases in likes, while short track speed skating, figure skating, curling, ice hockey and bobsled also made the TOP10.On the field, the figures of the athletes are interpreting the Olympic spirit.Outside the stadium, Douyin netizens have watched short videos about the athletes’ training and life.Freestyle skier Gu Ailing, who won two gold MEDALS and one silver, is the most popular toyin ice and snow athlete. Yuzuru Hanyu and Wang Meng are second and third, respectively. Wu Dajing, Su Yiming, Chen Hongyi and Ren Ziwei are on the list.In addition to the athletes, the most popular winter Olympics during the mascot Ice Dwen Dwen.The report shows how popular Gu And Bing Dwen dwen are by comparing their popularity.Douyin’s videos have been played more than 12.3 billion times, with 280 million likes and more than 18 million followers.On the night of February 19, Gu Ailing’s Tiktok exclusive premiered, sharing his thoughts, training, life and favorite food with the audience. The total number of views reached 18 million.Videos related to Bing Dwen dwen on Douyin have been played more than 26.1 billion times, followed by more than 500 million people, liked by 280 million people and had 382 topics.Douyin creator “Han Bu Han” created a BGM with the slogan “I just want a Bing Dwen Dwen”, which resonated with netizens.So far, the BGM has received more than 1 billion views and 1.2 million users on Tiktok.Can not buy ice dun dun, users can only use ice Dun dun special effects.Douyin creator Aky’s “Ice Dwen Dwen makeup” has been used more than 15 million times.The report also showed that “Opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics”, “Gu Ailing wins gold” and “All Chinese athletes cheer in style” were among the topics most concerned by Douyin netizens.Bing Dun Dun makeup, opening fireworks, snow rong melt makeup, the new pose of the Winter Olympics, and the 100-day countdown to the Winter Olympics have become the most praised ice and snow sports special effects of Douyin.”How good is the appearance of winter Olympics volunteers?” and “Bingdwen Dwen dances with volunteers.”According to the report, Douyin users have given volunteers 19.12 million likes.Article source: Nine Factions News