Time ah you go slowly, time ah you stop

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originalBao-ping li to the childhood is the most enviable age when I was a child want to be failed to be reached middle age when suddenly came to the twilight time go so fast time ah how do without using as a kid, I remember often draw a watch can watch the hour hand in hand will never move is such a watch these he went away with the best mood stars persistent love in blackFlashing at night looking for commitment and promise under the stars and I seemed to be on all the way across the miles sunset dusk clear hometown ah how stars do I want to do I for his bright eyes looked at home when I was a child of the tong zhen xu hometown in preference to the best of the rest of my life forever regrets not only depend on the taste of childhood in the eye and heart if the home is my only retained that is my bottom of my heart into twoFourteen winter and summer let me naive once again let my heart fly let me say the benefits of home home can shelter my dream home can also protect me this dreamer let me do a beautiful dream in peace if someone with my feelings will feel understood people can enjoy yourself repeating old song that the new dream of the past thought gives birth to eternityFlawless experience years quietly and deliberately to drain away the scenery is still time to back to year after year in the profane fireworks day do so there is no who don’t deserve who everyone as one yuan salt can match the tens of thousands of yuan food no matter what kind of food without salt is bland diet day long peace in heart also intend to read the long another day to home in my heart in my heart in accordance with the four seasons likeRan fine days in the same way after everyone everyone is in a different way after years each plain is a sketchpad my mood is the brush contours freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese jiangshan CunCa mountains rendering color reduction in hometown river flowing into my heart to modulation shading writing home life is like in the home of my heart always bring surprise for me the strength to find the flat in the full of hopeHave an elegant life, let the mountains and rivers are still common, let each waiting for the heart yearning, let the hometown appearance in my heart never old photography: Xie Liyong out of the camera: woman flower