Transport company input ticket is not enough how to reduce value added tax reasonably

2022-07-10 0 By

The whole logistics industry is seriously insufficient because of the replacement of business tax with value-added tax. There is basically no exception. Then how to deal with the serious insufficient income of logistics companies?How does logistics company make income?There is no input ticket and less input deduction, resulting in the need to pay high VALUE-ADDED tax. At this time, logistics companies can solve the problem through bian Caisui planning platform.The planning scheme provided by the platform is customized by finance and tax experts according to the actual situation of enterprises, which can reduce the overall cost of enterprises to 2.36% and solve various fiscal and tax problems of enterprises in one click.Moreover, the platform can legally issue 270 modern service invoices of 57 categories, which can fully meet the needs of users.When logistics companies lack input tickets, they can also consider using tax preferential policies to save tax reasonably.Before many enterprises thought through the establishment of small and micro, sole proprietorship enterprises to enjoy preferential treatment, such as let the driver set up a self-employed, signed a cooperation agreement with the company, the driver completed the transportation service, through the self-employed billing and the company settlement of transportation fees.But now that inspections are tight, the risks of registering new companies are growing.To solve the problem of serious insufficient income of logistics companies, we need to know what are the difficulties of income of logistics companies?1. The cost of collecting invoice for road and bridge fees ETC is high, and the deduction ratio is low and difficult.2, pay the fuel card recharge card, the driver freight is too high deduction proportion is limited.3. The driver cannot provide the compliance invoice for the outsourced vehicle contract.4, purchase of vehicles, the income deduction does not last.Maintenance is difficult to obtain input costs.The above is the reason why the logistics company’s income is not enough and the solution. More enterprises’ fiscal and tax problems are concerned about private letter xiaobian.