Chinese New Year relatives, women cosmetics bear children all destroyed!Do you agree with the parents’ solution?

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Fast Spring Festival, changchun epidemic control is good this year, Spring Festival to take the children to go to relatives?However, in this happy reunion day, also made a lot of unpleasant.Today, xiaobian to share a news, but also for parents to remind: On January 22, a girl in Xinyang, Henan province, saw a “tragic” scene when she went home.Her room was disturbed by children brought by relatives, snacks and garbage everywhere, cosmetics are not spared, the girl collapsed on the spot!Take a look at this scene, the treasure mothers before the screen, is blood pressure elevated……The girl said the scene took place when she was away from home and her mother couldn’t keep an eye on the boys while cooking.You say, big New Year, meet this bear child, who can not explode!Net friend call straight: although not mine, but I have been angry.Bad children are not sensible, to a large extent, parents’ education problems.This matter had come here, the relatives know better, reasonable settlement even.However, in the girl’s interview, she said that the follow-up relatives only seriously criticized the child and did not mention the matter of compensation.Have netizen rough estimate, the cosmetics of big brand of full ground, greatly small add up also get ten thousand yuan.Does the child do something wrong, the parents muddle along and let it go?He said he had been criticized, but there was no face-to-face apology and no mention of compensation. How could he know the seriousness of the matter?Sometimes children make mistakes not because of the amount of money, but because of the education behind them.Parents can not protect their children for a lifetime, they will always grow up and face the social things themselves, then make mistakes, who will block the social blame for them?What do you think about that?Do you think the child should pay for something he broke at a relative’s house?END source: Sina Weibo Reporter: Chen Xuetong Supervisor: Uncle Boy Disclaimer: this public account published text and pictures in addition to some original, the rest excerpted from the network, its copyright belongs to the original author and website all.Xiaobian sincerely recommend attention to the public number, focus on 0~12 years old Changchun early childhood education, kindergarten selection, kindergarten choice, enrollment policy interpretation and rich parent-child activities.Want the first time to get the latest daily push, will “Jilin mommy baby network” set the star label!If you have any questions, welcome to add xiaobian wechat: 13194351977 online consultation.