Enterprise innovation “loans” to finance

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At present, in the industrial park of Meisiteng Technology Co., LTD., Wendeng District, Weihai city, workers are busy making orders in the workshop of new ultra-thin inductors and transformers.”Since the start of construction this year, we have 700 million yuan in production orders in hand.”Ma Guang, head of the company, said, “Thanks to the government’s support policy for high-tech enterprises, we were able to get a 20 million yuan loan from a branch of science and technology, which is urgent.”Maxiteng Technology Co., Ltd. is a “specialized and new” enterprise in Shandong province led by a provincial high-level talent team, mastering the new electronic integration technology leading the peers.”As a small and medium-sized enterprise of science and technology, scientific research achievements repeatedly, the shortage of funds has become a difficult problem for the development of enterprises.”Ma Guang said.It is understood that the science and technology sub-branch loan is a new financial product launched by Weihai city for high-tech enterprises. Qualified enterprises can enjoy government discount interest, and financial institutions that provide loans to enterprises can also enjoy risk compensation.Not long ago, a batch of 20 million yuan science and technology sub-branch loan provided by Industrial Bank injected into Maxiteng, relieving the pressure on corporate capital.Data from the Financial Service center of Wendeng District show that in 2021, the loan scale of Wendeng District Science and technology Sub-branch is 206.8 million yuan, serving 17 enterprises, and the government gives interest discount and risk compensation of 3.7224 million yuan.Financial flowing water gush, science and technology sub-branch loan for Masiteng Technology Co., Ltd. to focus on research and development to increase the confidence.According to Ma Guang, the company launched research and development projects such as industrial iot locator and vehicle-mounted emergency starter this year, making new breakthroughs in the field of integrated inductance.In Wendeng district, there are no small number of high-tech, “specialized and special new” enterprises with financing needs like Maishiteng.Therefore, whedon actively construct platform for argues, relying on financial counseling team, establish a normalized argues docking mechanism, innovation “TouDai linkage” futures “+” insurance such as financing, provide talents, science and technology achievements transformation is borrowed loan, intellectual property rights pledge loans and a series of financial products, to technology and innovation of enterprise financial living water injection.Weihai Yunxiang Embroidery Co., Ltd. as a science and technology foreign trade enterprises to benefit from this.”We have a lot of financing needs. Last year, the scale of financing reached 160 million yuan. In addition to mortgage loans, we obtained 45 million yuan through technology sub-branch loans, talent loans and intellectual property pledge.”Zhang Xiaoyan, chief financial officer of the company, introduced that the company last year added 12 practical technology patents, four of which were pledged, by the RURAL Commercial bank to provide 10 million yuan of scientific and technological achievements on the loan account.Chen Shuai, head of the local financial Service Center of Wendeng District, said that technological innovation enterprises often find it difficult to obtain bank loans due to the lack of mortgage assets. Wendeng encouraged and guided financial institutions to launch more credit products, take the initiative to reduce taxes and transfer profits, and expand the financing scale of pledged intangible assets such as patent rights, trademark rights and equity.This year, Wendeng will release more accurate financial support for technological innovation enterprises and solve the financing problems of enterprises.Source: Dazhong Daily