Is there a change in Machin’s return?Lido plays the magic, guangdong 60 points zhanshen or say goodbye to Du Feng

2022-07-11 0 By

In the past, many fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of Marshawn Brooks.In the regular season, lidle and Weems, the two foreign aid status of mediocre results, so after entering the playoffs, many fans must be very eager to marshang can quickly return to lead The Guangdong team to achieve better results.And some time ago, there were media rumors, marshang has been parachuted into Nanchang, Jiangxi province, after guangdong will play in the playoffs.So when the news came out, it made a lot of fans very excited.Marshawn Brooks later denied the rumors during a live broadcast, saying he was working on his recovery and would return to the team as soon as it healed.According to the current analysis, Marshawn Brooks will most likely return next season.However, recently, with the end of the game between Zhejiang team and Guangdong Team, at present, The return of Marshang Brooks, the god of war with 60 points, is likely to have serious changes, and even lead to a complete break of cooperation between Guangdong team and him, there is a great possibility.In the most recent match, Guangdong beat Zhejiang by one point.If the game to say the most outstanding player, it must be Guangdong foreign aid Lido.Lidle was terrific, scoring 23 points and grabbing three rebounds in 24 minutes and making five of eight 3-pointers.From such data including efficiency, it can be seen that Lido has a more efficient performance, and swept away the haze of decadence before, has a better performance improvement.Before that, everyone said he was a drag on Guangdong.But so far, lidle has held up the entire game without Weems, proving he’s a very capable player.It is foreseeable that if the following can continue to maintain such results, even with the team to win the championship, I believe that the follow-up, Guangdong may continue to consider signing lido next season.That leaves Marshawn Brooks, who hasn’t returned to the team because of an injury, in serious danger, and his return could be reversed.To be honest, for Lido’s performance, many fans are really very surprised.I did not expect that Lido could achieve such a good performance and results in a situation where the outside world looks bad.During the regular season, on the one hand, he did not do well in defense, was very hesitant to shoot the ball, and was not tough enough on the court. He was very fond of individual games, and did not like playing team basketball at all.So no matter from which point of view, he and guangdong team are antipathetic.But this time, after the playoffs, he was on a roll and fully integrated into the team.So to be honest, for the fans, it’s really impressive.Of course, for Du Feng, even if Lidle replaces Marshawn Brooks this time, he has no solution, not something he can control.After all, players’ form is out of his control, and his team must just want the best and best foreign players, it doesn’t matter who they are.So maybe for Marchant, once Lidle gets better and better in the future, it’s really possible to replace him completely.