Local railway departments completed the qingming Festival travel service smoothly

2022-07-11 0 By

Beijing, April 6 (Xinhua) — Railway authorities across the country coordinated epidemic prevention and control, transportation organization and safety management to ensure safe and orderly trips for passengers as the Qingming Festival came to an end.The transportation period of the Qingming Holiday is from April 2 to 5, a total of four days.According to the latest data from China National Railway Corporation, a total of 8.47 million passenger trips were made by railways across the country from Sunday to Friday, with railway transport smooth and orderly.In order to ensure passengers’ safe and smooth travel, railway departments across the country have strengthened the linkage mechanism between roads and ground to jointly safeguard safe and warm journeys.China Railway Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and the local epidemic prevention and control department strictly implemented the system of temperature measurement, health code inspection and travel code, and strictly prohibited passengers with fever and yellow code from entering the station and boarding the train.China Railway Jinan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. actively cooperated with Sishui County Power Supply Company of State Grid Shandong and other relevant departments to organize power operation and maintenance personnel to conduct electricity safety inspection on power supply lines and power facilities of high-speed railway stations along the Japan-Lan high-speed railway.With the opening of hanzhong Tourism and Culture Festival, the most beautiful rape flower sea in China, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. resumed and opened more EMU trains in Hanzhong to meet the needs of passengers.