Sanmao: please believe that the people who really care about you will not be robbed by others

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A female reader asked me in a private message: “My boyfriend of five years is with my best friend. What should I do?”She said she later learned that the two had been dating for more than a year, all the while keeping their relationship under her radar.The irony is that they are her closest and dearest people, and she has no idea that she is lucky to have a wonderful lover and a best friend.When the truth was exposed that moment, she felt that she could hardly breathe, alive even can not see the hope.She asked me why she had been betrayed both by love and friendship.Why would someone hurt another person in such a way?I told her to change an Angle to think, but you have to thank you for your boyfriends and girlfriends, thank them together, let you see the two men, thank you for your boyfriend to do such a thing, let you see, he had no real love you, leave early, timely stop, is the best in myself.Otherwise, when you have been together for a long time, when you have been married, when you have had children with him, when you have been in bed with him for many years, if he tries to hurt you again at that moment, the damage is immeasurable, and he may even ruin your whole life.It’s still early and the pain will only be for a while, so adjust and enjoy your new life.02 Sanmao said, I believe that the people who really care about me will not be robbed by others.If there is such a person, in the mouth swear that love you, said never separate, but turned to take someone else’s hand, when he abandoned you, go to another person’s side, only one point can be explained, that is, he never really love you, never really care about you.For such a false feelings, and false people’s hearts, we can not extricate ourselves from the pain of stuck in memories, rather open a little, let go as soon as possible, thank him for quitting your life, thank such a person who is not worth your love, let you see.Friend xiao Yun is a very good girl, we also sincerely wish her and her boyfriend can repair fruit, grow old together, but two months before the wedding, they broke up.We ask the reason, xiao yun cried and told us that her boyfriend was carrying her early in their hometown have been secretly dating for several times, the break up because he found a various conditions are very good girl, parents do business, that girl in institution work, stable work, at home also left her two sets of house, a car.Compared with such girls, Xiao Yun, who lives in a rented house and sells goods in this third-tier city, seems so ridiculous.After brokenhearted xiao Yun is like changed individual, job also lost, lock oneself in the room all day.We are very worried, brought the fruit to see her, her first word is: he said love me, is it true?Why meet a girl with more money than ME, turn around and walk.Had he forgotten that he had said he would protect me and take care of me for the rest of my life?We are very helpless, do not know how to persuade Xiao Yun is good, is she can not understand herself can not come out, or she knew her boyfriend did not really love her, just do not want to admit.This is the worst relationship, one person to another person made countless promises, but opened, one is a lie.All the things he said about loving you and dreaming about your future together are all false.One day, when the beautiful bubble is deflated, when he leaves your side without looking back, when all those lies have been destroyed, you are still living in the past memories.Everyone around you is telling you that they don’t deserve you and that you deserve better. Even in your heart of hearts, you know this, but you just can’t get over it.Look around you. You have friends, family, work and life to go on. The future has always been there, unchanged.The only thing that has changed is your own heart, which may be hurt by a person’s departure, but believe that time will eventually take away everything, will make you gradually stronger, will let those wounds coagulate into scars, become the most indestructible existence on your body.When the person who said he cared for us and loved us leaves, what should we do to ease the pain in our hearts?The only thing to do is to stand up and face it bravely. Just like in the First Half of My Life, Luo Zijun finally gives in to her husband’s infidelity and is forced by her mistress to divorce.At first, living alone with a child, she lost her financial resources and became seriously divorced from society because she had no job for many years.But later she still with amazing perseverance and will, a little bit through the difficulties, but also with their own hands, let themselves and their love of the people really happy.He later husband goodbye, she will be amazed by Luo Zijun metamorphosis, she is no longer used to the fingers not be stained with spring water, delicate full-time wife, now she has emotional intelligence, also have more successful, but then face the ex-husband’s back, she no longer nestled in his arms, like once prayed his almsgiving, warm,Because by that time she had grown up enough to protect the people around her loved ones.04 Sanmao said, I always believe that the people who really care about me will not be robbed by others, whether friendship or love.If one day, the person who has been by your side for a long time suddenly leaves without warning, when all the promises he made to you have become empty talk, everything seems like a joke, please close your eyes and pretend that he has never been here.Forget what he said to you, forget any trace of his existence, and move on with your life.Those lost, will make us stronger, even if one day he will come back, we can also calmly smile greeting, long time no see.This article is originally published by Joan Di emotion. 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