Stay over the New Year feeling stronger Taiwan business Taiwan compatriots in the future

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Suqian network news (reporter Wu Lei) home, is a touch of soft care in the heart of the Chinese children, “cross-strait was originally a family, where the New Year is home.”This Spring Festival, as COVID-19 prevention and control measures on both sides of the Straits are still not relaxed, many Taiwan businessmen and Compatriots chose to stay overnight.How are they doing in Suqian?What are your expectations?From January 31 to February 9, the reporter followed three Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan compatriots to record their “live-in Spring Festival” and listen to their stories and aspirations.Jiangjiawei: open go home “classics win” gate “cheers!”On the evening of January 31st, Jiang Jiawei, executive president of Suqian Taiwan Association, and more than 20 Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan compatriots who stayed in Taiwan had a happy New Year’s Eve together.”Staying here, and in Taiwan New Year, the same, are happy, lively reunion.”As the “big head” of Taiwan Association, Jiang jiawei, who stayed over for the New Year for the first time, organized a number of small dinners to make Taiwan businessmen and Taiwan compatriots happy during the New Year.Chiang chia-wei, 60, from Taiwan’s Miaoli county, was one of the first Taiwanese businessmen to cross the Strait to the mainland in the 1990s.”It has been more than 30 years since I came back to the mainland from Taiwan in 1991.”Looking back, Suqian has become jiang jiawei’s “second hometown”.In 2007, Jiang jiawei went to Suqian to invest and run Feng Huali Zhi Hotel. The business is booming, and the number of hotels has grown from one to four. The business has also expanded to agriculture and tourism projects.In his second year in Suqian, he moved his family to Suqian.Now, he and his wife live in Suqian for years.”We are new suqian people, we will always be here for business, life and retirement.”Jiang jiawei and his wife spend 360 days in Suqian every 365 days of the year, blending into the life here bit by bit.As an entrepreneur, I have seen many countries press the “pause button” for development in the past two years due to the impact of the epidemic, while on the mainland, the economy is growing against the trend.Such a development situation strengthened Jiang Jiawei’s confidence in further cultivation of suqian.”Although affected by the epidemic, we are still developing steadily and with great endurance.”Suqian Municipal government provides timely online services for Taiwanese businessmen 365 days, escorting Jiang Jiawei’s innovation and entrepreneurship in Suqian.As a successful “landing” experience, jiang jiawei over the years to spare no effort to help the “family”.Thanks to his efforts, one entrepreneurial project after another has flourished in Suqian. In Suqian, 100 young Taiwanese makers have found a stage to pursue, build and realize their dreams and start a better life.”The future of cross-strait relations depends on young people, and now is the best time for young people across the Straits to start businesses and make innovations.”Jiang jiawei analysis said that compared with Taiwan’s continued economic downturn, the mainland’s 1.4 billion demographic dividend, the market potential is huge.”We hope to use our resources and experience to open the door for Taiwan’s young people to return home to ‘Jing Ying’, and encourage more Taiwan’s young people who are starting their own businesses to come to Suqian, so that our achievements can be passed on to the next generation.”In the New Year, Jiang jiawei will continue to “advertise” suqian and build a bridge of friendship and hope for the integrated development of both sides of the Taiwan Straits.February 9th, the ninth day of the first lunar month, the sun was fine.Jin Street, Wuyue Square, Sucheng District — “Xixiang Li” is crowded with people, who are still immersed in the flavor of the New Year, walking with their relatives and friends in this “Internet red street”, where people can eat, drink, play, and shop.Hi play in the crowd, Li Huiqing busy figure shuttle.What many people don’t know is that It is Li Huiqing and her partners, a group of new Suqian people from Taiwan, who are in charge of building xiasxiangli.”We are committed to creating an immersive and experiential consumption scene through the scientific layout of the business format and the integration of Taiwan elements.”Li Huiqing said that the street opened for three days with a flow of one million people, so that “Xiaxuoli” became famous, and more surprise activities will be planned to continue to enhance the popularity and visibility.Put your heart into your work and enjoy being together.This year is li Huiqing’s second Spring Festival in Suqian.”Here is my home, New Year visit relatives and friends, can be busy!”On New Year’s Eve, friends meet to visit Qianlong palace on the first day of the New Year. On the second day of the New Year, the City and Taiwan Association invites “back home”…Looking back on the full schedule of the Spring Festival holiday, Li Huiqing said happily that in Suqian, there was no loneliness like in a foreign land, and the sense of belonging was full.Born in 1977 in Yilan County, Taiwan, Li Huiqing is neither a Taiwanese businessman of the second generation, nor does she have relatives living in the mainland. She came to Suqian to start her own business alone, which is inseparable from her deep understanding of the mainland and her personality like challenges.As the vice chairman of Taiwan Association for the Promotion of Unification of Commerce and Industry, Li Huiqing has been engaged in cross-Straits exchanges for a long time.As a young entrepreneur, she has been deeply engaged in the cultural and creative field for many years, accumulated rich resources and achievements in Taiwan, and actively embraced the mainland market, hoping to lead more Young People in Taiwan to settle down in Suqian.”Cultural, creative and tourism industry is still a new form of business in Suqian, which is short of talents and has a very broad market prospect.With the soft power of Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries and the exquisite creativity and design of Taiwan’s youth, suqian’s cultural and creative industry will definitely add points.”Last December, Li Huiqing registered and established Mibao Culture and Tourism Industry Development (Jiangsu) Co., LTD., vigorously promoting the “tourism factory” model in Taiwan, and received the “olive branch” of cooperation with many places in Suqian, and there will be cooperation projects this year.The good momentum of entrepreneurship makes Li Huiqing more determined that Suqian is a good place for young people in Taiwan to pursue their dreams.”Entrepreneurship should be focused on, suqian entrepreneurship policy resources, livable environment, relatively affordable consumption level, fertile entrepreneurial soil will nourish our young People in Taiwan, under the premise of keeping the low cost of entrepreneurship, better development, more comfortable life.”Li Huiqing said.At the same time, last year took over as the president of suqian Taiwan Association youth association, let Li Huiqing more than a leading mission and glory.”With the business platform ‘Xia-Xiangli’ and the one-stop service of the Taiwan Association youth Association, every tai-qing who comes to Suqian to start a business can give full play to their talents without worries at home.”Li huiqing confidently said that she believed suqian would become a “dream factory” for her and more young entrepreneurs in Taiwan to achieve success.”Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…Blow the candle, zhen Bao 2 years old happy!”On the night of February 1st, Chen Yingru, a young man from Taiwan who lives in Suqian, celebrated their child’s birthday with his wife at home.On the first day of the first lunar month in 2020, Chen Yinggru welcomed a baby.But he still vividly remembers the tearful video of himself and his loved ones outside the delivery room, reporting the news one by one.”New Year, birthday, our family is double happiness.”Chen yinggru said that in Suqian, it is very meaningful to get married and have children.This year 37 years old, was born in Taiwan Chiayi County Chen Yingru, grew up in a happy well-off family.With the love and support of his parents, he studied all the way and graduated from Tsinghua University in Taiwan.Not long after he set foot on the job, his mother suddenly fell ill and died, which brought him a huge blow. After settling his mind, he initiated the idea of going to the mainland to work.”With my mother gone, I have to take responsibility and do something for the family.There are many Taiwan-invested enterprises on the mainland, and they are better than Taiwan in terms of development opportunities and benefits.”In 2016, Chen Yinggru joined Catcher Technology Taizhou Co., LTD., and was transferred to Catcher Technology Suqian Co., LTD in 2017.After a period of time to get used to, the Chen Yingru that is good at studying is on the job with ease, and he of simple and honest individual character, also made friends with a group of suqian friends sincerely.Introduced by a friend, Chen and his wife met and fell in love.”Because of her, I want to have a home in Suqian, our home.”After knowing each other for half a year, Chen proposed in the beautiful Ancient Yellow River Park in Suqian, where the blue sky, white clouds, flowers and trees witnessed the beauty.Love is a matter of two people, marriage is a matter of two families.”Cross-strait families, 1+1, add a beautiful new life.”Chen Yinggru said that his father and brother often visited the mainland in the past and had a deep affection for the mainland, while his in-laws were hospitable. They shared the same cultural roots and folk customs, which made the two families as one and also made the small family warm and beautiful.Affected by the epidemic, Chen returned to Taiwan without his wife and Zhen Bao.”My wife is from Shuyang.Since the fourth grade, we went back to our parents’ home in Shuyang. Relatives took turns to invite us to dinner. The smell of New Year was so strong that I gained weight.”Chen yinggru said with a smile.”Daddy, Chubby.”While talking, Zhen Bao’s big round eyes stare at Chen Yingru, and some childlike words attract laughter in the room.Across the strait, the achievement of life, have a small happiness, but also have great expectations.”I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible. I hope Taiwan will return home as soon as possible.Chen is full of hope.