Two problems with the wuhan epidemic

2022-07-11 0 By

On the night of February 21, Wuhan was hit by the epidemic again.Nu Skin held a training meeting in a hotel in Wuchang District from February 18th to February 20th for three consecutive days.Then one of the trainees from Beijing tested positive for nucleic acid before returning to Beijing, and three more cases were found later.On February 22nd, there were 14.On February 23rd, there were 23 cases.On February 24th, there were 26.But THERE are two things I don’t understand.First, do people from Beijing stay in hotels in Wuhan without nucleic acid testing?February 9, Beijing Fengtai District Yuquanying Street Wanliuyuan community, Huangtugang village are high-risk areas.Anzhen Street, Chaoyang District, Xincun Street, Fengtai District, Wangzuo Town, Fengtai District and Xihongmen Town, Daxing District are all medium-risk areas.B: From February 9th to February 18th, but for nine days.Why come to Wuhan hotel not to do nucleic acid?Even if the nucleic acid is negative, you should stay at home for 14+14 days?No more isolation?Second, nu Skin’s principal said they just wanted to get together. Why?The epidemic is not far away, Beijing just low risk, come to Wuhan to get together?And together for three days?Not wearing a mask every day?Isn’t it suicidal not to wear a mask when you know someone is coming from Beijing and other high-risk areas?And nucleic acid proof the first negative can only do reference.Some positive patients nucleic acid to do seven or eight to find out, this is not new.Wuhan people, can not hurt!