Forced driving card, without permission to leave home 15 people were ankang Ziyang police investigated

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At present, ziyang County of Ankang city is making all-out efforts to fight the epidemic. The cadres and the public are united in their efforts to fight the epidemic. However, some people ignore life and health and the importance of epidemic prevention and control, “committing crimes against the wind” and challenging the bottom line of the law, and they will be punished by the law.At 22:00 on March 26, Ziyang County Public Security Bureau Gaoqiao police station received the area of Lancao village a group of card point epidemic prevention personnel alarm said: there is a white pickup truck does not cooperate with the relevant inspection, forced driving card, has been driven to gaoqiao street direction, please police disposition.After receiving the police, gaoqiao police station immediately organized police and soldiers in two ways, all the way quickly rushed to the scene to carry out investigation and evidence collection, all the way to the vehicle to intercept.Soon, the police will rush card vehicle interception, and the owner of wang and car Wang, Li and other 3 people to carry out travel code, health code, nucleic acid certification inspection.According to the investigation, Wang and Li were all employees of the Bridge Project Department of Quanhe Village in Gaoqiao Town. They drove to the streets of Gaoqiao Town to buy daily necessities. When the staff of the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint inspected and persuaded them to return, they suddenly drove their vehicles to rush through the gate and were intercepted by the gaoqiao police Station.After the police to 3 people “two yards one proof” check, all show normal.The police immediately publicized the Notice of Ziyang County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters office and relevant laws and regulations of epidemic prevention and control, and gave serious criticism and education to the three who refused to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control staff’s inspection, persuasion and forced to clear the card.Through the police publicity and education, Wang and other three people regretted their illegal behavior, took the initiative to the card point to apologize to the epidemic prevention and control staff, and actively cooperate with the inspection and registration related matters.In view of the good attitude of the three wrongdoers, ziyang County Public Security Bureau gave them administrative punishment according to law.On March 27, the Chengguan police station of Ziyang County carried out a special operation to crack down on illegal and criminal activities related to epidemic prevention and control. Twelve people were found to have left their homes without authorization, knowing the relevant regulations of epidemic prevention and control. The police immediately checked each person’s health code, travel code and nucleic acid test results.He was informed that his behavior violated the relevant regulations of ziyang County Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters.Ziyang County public Security Bureau gave administrative punishment to 12 offenders.Ziyang police reminded that it is the duty of every citizen to do a good job in the current epidemic prevention and control work, and every public should be responsible for themselves, others and society, improve prevention and control awareness, take the initiative to cooperate with the Work of the Party Committee, the government and relevant departments, and consciously abide by all regulations and decisions.The public security organs will swiftly and severely punish all illegal and criminal acts during the epidemic prevention and control period and those who refuse to implement the decisions and orders issued by the government under the state of emergency with no leniency.(Article/Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Zhang Songtu/Ziyang County Public Security Bureau provided) source: Xi ‘an News network