Fujian inventory: The national top 8, 2 city trillion, Fuzhou counterattack, Ningde won the first, four cities housing prices rise

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Fujian is a coastal province in the southeast of China.Although there is no pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta as flash, but also very key.After all, this is the most important race track in the reunification of the motherland.Looking across the vast strait, how is Fujian developing?Today, let’s learn together from GDP data for 2021.Economy of Fujian: Top 8 in China, surpassed by Hubei province, with 2 trillion yuan, Fuzhou surpassing Quanzhou and Ningde ranking first in growth Rate.In 2021, China’s GDP will reach 4.88 trillion yuan, ranking eighth in the country, with a growth rate of 8%.Although not a low ranking, the growth rate was lower than the national growth rate of 8.1 percent.It was higher than Hubei in 2020, but it was overtaken by Hubei in 2021. After all, Hubei’s growth rate was 12.9%.It can be seen that in the head of the province competition, smoke as strong.From a provincial perspective, fujian’s cities performed well overall.Trillion + : 2 cities, Fuzhou and Quanzhou both exceeded 1.13 trillion;700 billion + : 1 City, Xiamen;500 billion + : 1 city, Zhangzhou;300 billion + : 2 cities, Ningde and Longyan;200 billion + : 3 cities, Sanming, Putian and Nanping.Two cities stand out in this year’s ranking.The first is Fuzhou, which has been ranked the first in the province, beating Quanzhou.It’s only 2 billion, but you can see the power of this provincial capital.The second is Ningde, where the GDP exceeded 300 billion yuan for the first time, with a growth rate of 13.3%, ranking first in the province.Relying on ningde times this powerful bibcock, a prefectural city even super Longyan, Sanming, among the province’s fifth.In contrast, sanming’s growth rate is only 5.8%, far lower than that of the whole province and the whole country.Fujian is rich: per capita GDP exceeds 130,000 yuan in 2 cities and 100,000 yuan in 6 cities, the lowest in Nanping and behind in Putian, which is an important indicator of labor production.In Fujian province, the distribution of per capita GDP does not show a fixed feature.130,000 + : 2 cities, Fuzhou and Xiamen;100,000 + : 4 cities, Quanzhou, Longyan, Sanming and NingdeLess than 100,000:3 cities, zhangzhou, Putian, Nanping.From the point of view of layout, it does not mean that coastal higher, inland lower.Although Nanping has the lowest PER capita GDP, coastal Putian has the second-lowest.Zhangzhou, which ranks 4th in GDP, has a per capita GDP of less than 100,000 yuan, ranking 3rd from the bottom of the province.Fujian productivity: Xiamen is more than 400 million yuan, the first in the province, Quanzhou is more than 100 million yuan, Nanping is the lowest, coastal better economic density, also known as per capita GDP, is an indicator of the province’s economic productivity.From the distribution of the whole province, Fujian presents a “strong coastal, weak inland” situation.40,000 + : 1 city, Xiamen is the only city in the province with more than 40,000 / km2;10,000 + : 1 city, Quanzhou;5,000 + : 2 cities, Fuzhou and Putian;2 cities, Zhangzhou and Ningde;Less than 2,000:3 cities, Longyan, Sanming, Nanping.As you can see, less than 2,000 cities are inland.In terms of per capita GDP, coastal cities are much higher than inland cities, and it can be seen that western mountainous areas still have a great impact on development.Xiamen as a special economic zone, such a high economic density, reflects the super strong development capacity.Fujian housing price: 8 cities over 10,000, 3 cities over 20,000, 5 cities up, 4 cities down, Xiamen over 50,000, too fierce from the point of view of Fujian’s housing price, each place is relatively stable.50,000 + : 1 city, more than 54,000 in Xiamen;20,000 + : 2 cities, Fuzhou and Quanzhou;15,000 + : 1 city, Ningde over 16,000;10,000 + : 4 cities, Zhangzhou, Putian, Longyan and Sanming;Less than 10,000 yuan: 1 city, Nanping.From the ups and downs, Xiamen is the most crazy.The housing price here not only exceeded 50,000 yuan, the highest in the province, with an increase of 9.07%, the first in the province.It’s a bit aggressive to get two firsts in housing prices.In contrast, Putian saw the biggest drop of 6.82 percent.Overall, 5 cities up, 4 cities down, is more normal.Fujian city housing prices in Fujian economic data released, housing prices mixed.Do you think house prices will continue to rise?Feel free to vote and express your opinion;Leave a comment and tell your story.Link to Fujian: Click below to read more…Fujian: Xiamen won 6 champions, Fuzhou deposits, Quanzhou is rich in people, 7 cities housing prices fell fujian 3 quarterly report: The GDP of the 7th and 8th cities broke 200 billion, Ningde exceeded Sanming, 5 cities housing prices fell Fujian half annual report: the GDP of the 7th and 8th cities broke 100 billion, Ningde Nanping won the championship, 6 cities housing prices fell Fujian 2025:Fujian 2035: Population 47 million, 2 strips, 2 metropolitan areas, 3 hubs, 6 airports, 6 cities Housing price dropWith a population of 8 million, it has 2 international brands, 6 hubs, 3 port areas and the top 4 housing prices