Guizhou Leishan Rural Credit Cooperative received 20 million yuan in rural revitalization loans to help revitalize local industries

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On March 29, Xijiang Credit Cooperative of Leishan County, Guizhou province issued a “rural revitalization loan” of 500,000 yuan to Zhang Tianxiong, legal person of Leishan County Xinyi Zi Tea Co., LTD., to support the enterprise to carry out tea processing and tea garden production management.This is just one of the examples of leishan Rural Credit Union supporting the development of county characteristic industries and helping rural revitalization through the rural revitalization Loan.The 2022 Leishan County Enterprise Industrial Project Loan discount interest project (referred to as “Rural revitalization Loan”) is approved by the Leading group of Leishan County Rural revitalization, implemented by the County Rural Revitalization Bureau,Guizhou Leigongshan Miao Dong Shanzhen Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd. and county Rural Credit Union jointly launched a loan product for agricultural industry project loans of enterprises, cooperatives, family farms, large farmers and other operating subjects in the county for discount interest subsidies.The maximum amount of individual special comprehensive credit granting of discount interest loan is RMB 1 million for a single family, and the maximum amount of individual credit loan is RMB 500,000 for a single family.Small and micro enterprises, village-level cooperatives and leading enterprises are granted special comprehensive credit up to 7 million yuan per household, of which the maximum credit loan per household is 2 million yuan.The term of the loan is 1 to 3 years. After the loan is paid off, the county and Rural Development Bureau can review and agree to apply for the loan again.The rFI rates 4.35% for one-year loans and 4.75% for loans of more than one year.It is reported that the “RURAL development Loan” mainly supports large farmers in Leishan county, family farms, village-level cooperatives, small and micro enterprises and leading enterprises that bring more people out of poverty into employment.And innovative undertaking in the county town registered unemployed personnel, employment difficulty, separation veterans, a person released after serving his sentence, college graduates and dissolve excess capacity enterprise workers and unemployed personnel, business returning migrant workers, online merchants, by inputting tent card out of poverty, rural self-employed farmers business such as the main body,To support enterprises such as helping workshops to promote employment of people relocated to poor areas, the county finance will match 50 million yuan of special funds as loan discount interest, and the loan quota can reach hundreds of millions of yuan.Since this year, built leishan its association to seize the country revitalization of tuyere opportunity, insisting that a convenient and flexible credit service as the starting point and the foothold, around the resources endowment in leishan county, combined with the characteristic industry development status, priority support tea, edible fungus, organic rice, food, fruit, medicinal herbs, ecological poultry such as regional characteristic industry,In west of the county party committee county government to create a national 5 a-class tourist scenic area as an opportunity, in accordance with the project, listing, task requirements, through “pratt &whitney visit”, establishing agriculture, tourism industry enterprises, rich in leishan county leaders information file, adjust measures to local conditions innovative financial services products, intensify credit, through leading, with belt surface, provide,We will meet the financing needs of enterprises, cooperatives and farmers in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, and support rural revitalization and the development of industries with local characteristics.As of March 31, more than 20 days, built leishan its association has successively to the grassroots outlets in leishan county tea industry science and technology development co., LTD., guizhou all countries, gastrodia elata technology development co., LTD., guizhou in leishan county xin riches tea co., LTD., and other 13 enterprises credit approval “rural revitalization is borrowed” discount interest loans of more than 2300 ten thousand yuan, has sent 15 pen,The amount is more than 20 million yuan.It is reported that the 12 enterprises that have received the “Rural development Loan” with discounted interest can help more than 17,000 people who are out of poverty or vulnerable to poverty to find employment through industrial development and promotion.Correspondent Tan Biao Wan Jian editor Ying Xiong Liu Jing school check Wang Yun editor Chen Ganxi