Jinxian County Health Commission has done its best to provide logistics services for front-line medical staff with “three hearts”

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Great river network – / great river news client FuChun jiao, jinxian WeiJianWei take comfort, warm heart, comfort measures to support frontline staff of logistics service, a good hard with love attentively considerate person of their lifes and backbone, with practical action to care for a medical staff, backed by their old-age pension, to solve their worries.First, pin-up support is in place to give front-line medical workers greater peace of mind.The county-wide various medical units set up support frontline staff counterpart support working group, a thorough understanding of support frontline staff family situation, family member’s health and living condition, set up volunteer service team composed of more than 650 people, for the county support personnel to solve the family life and children, older people health, active coordination of “resolving” their needs and difficulties,To provide precise services to families of front-line medical workers.Up to now, China has helped solve 26 medical problems, delivered protective materials 108 times, made 36 trips and purchased daily necessities such as grain, vegetables and medicine 41 times.Second, the provision of goods and materials is in place to warm the hearts of front-line medical workers.In the face of frequent severe convection weather, sudden drop of temperature and low temperature, in order to ensure the health of all nucleic acid sampling team members and successfully complete the nucleic acid sampling support task, warm clothes prepared by medical family members were sent to the front line five times.At the same time, he brought the care and warmth of medical family members, and invested 450,000 yuan to purchase more than 550 emergency jackets and other living materials for medical staff on the front line, to fully support the fight against COVID-19 with practical actions.Third, humane care is in place to make front-line medical staff feel more comfortable.We immediately established 10 contact groups for medical staff, opened a special psychological assistance hotline, and provided them with 24-hour psychological services, so as to ensure early detection, intervention and counseling of psychological problems, effectively reduce their psychological anxiety, and provide timely, sustained and professional psychological services and support for front-line medical staff.And through the birthday, send medicine and other ways to support the frontline medical staff isolation during the recuperation of all-round humanistic care.Up to now, psychological intervention has been carried out for 26 times, and 16 medical staff have been given birthday cakes, flowers, fruit boxes and beautiful birthday cards in time to ensure that they are separated from each other.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com