Bazhou night square to see the lights into a hot spot, but these disorderly elephant to say

2022-07-13 0 By

Recently, some net friends told us that we bazhou Chinese folk collection in front of a large area of garbage everywhere, everywhere is littered with paper towels, snack bags, plastic bags, snacks box bags and other household garbage.According to Mr. Sun (not his real name), my family lives near the municipal government.As for the collection, it’s pretty clean except for Chinese New Year.This Spring Festival, the municipal government and the collection installed a lot of beautiful lights, attracting a lot of citizens to play, a large flow of people, also brought a lot of small vendors, selling sugar gourd, cotton candy, all kinds of snacks, gathered in the front area of the collection, people will buy something to eat when playing.But there are a lot of people do not consciously, eat the rest of the bag box carelessly throw, but also make the ground everywhere is grease stains.Around 9 PM, when the event is over, the tourists have left and the vendors have also left, leaving a lot of garbage on the ground. The next morning, when you look at it, it is absolutely horrible, and the wind blows, the bags are blown everywhere.Although there will be volunteers and staff of the collection to clean the place every morning, before they go to work, there will still be a lot of citizens taking an early walk and a lot of cars passing by, which will affect anyone’s mood if they look at it.Especially foreign visitors to see, will not feel that the quality of our bazhou people is not high, the environment but so ah, too affect the appearance of the city!In fact, these floating vendors also have urban management officers to manage, but in general, they run as soon as the urban management officers come, and once they leave, they continue to sell, it has no effect, and there is no opinion for stall setting, but the impact of stall setting is quite big, not to mention affecting traffic, but also affecting the environment.The key is that a lot of people do not realize that the trash can is not far away, we have to throw everywhere, there is a throw everyone will throw.So this is still to rely on everyone to improve the awareness of environmental protection, we all maintain together, will have an effect!The lantern fair held by the bazhou municipal government has been very popular, attracting many people to enjoy it and tourists from other places outside our city.However, such garbage pollution really affects the appearance of the city, resulting in a very bad impact, I hope the relevant departments to strengthen the management of vendors, but also hope that everyone can improve their personal quality, as well as the awareness of environmental protection, jointly maintain our great American Overlord!