“Come on, Lao Wu!Chinese athletes “immortal friendship” moved the world, gold medal is not all

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Chinese snowboarders CAI Xuetong, Liu Jiayu and Qiu Leng competed in the women’s halfpipe final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday morning. CAI Xuetong finished fourth, Liu Jiayu eighth and Qiu Leng 12th.Despite failing to reach the podium, the three Chinese athletes showed the world at the final in Zhangjiakou.Among them, Qiu Leng from Sichuan province is in the final of the Winter Olympics for the first time.From the 16th place in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to the 12th place in the Beijing Winter Olympics, Qiu Leng not only improved her performance, but also gave warm encouragement to her teammate Wu Shaotong, who also came from Sichuan, which moved countless audiences.Qiu Lengbi gestures to her teammates during the women’s halfpipe snowboarding final at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.According to visual China “Lao Wu refueling!”Four Chinese snowboarders participated in the women’s halfpipe qualification of the Beijing Winter Olympics.But because of the mistake, Wu Shaotong did not get the qualification for the final, sadly bid farewell to this Winter Olympics.Although the road ahead is still long and exciting for the 23-year-old Wu, she will certainly not be satisfied with her 22nd qualifying finish.In today’s final, Wu’s Sichuan teammate Qiu Leng, who finished 12th, held out his hands in front of the world television cameras after his trial jump with the words “Come on, Lao Wu” written on both palms.Qiu Leng’s support and warm encouragement to his teammates was very expressive, which showed the new look of unity, upward and optimism of the young Chinese ice and snow athletes.In fact, in addition to the “fairy friendship”, the two Sichuan players have been supporting and helping each other in and out of the competition for many years.On March 8, 2019, qiu Leng won the silver medal and Wu Shao-tong the bronze medal in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding event at the World University Winter Games. Qiu Leng and Wu Shao-tong gained a lot from the dialogue with university students around the world.Wu Shaotong of Sichuan made a mistake in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding qualification at the Beijing Winter Olympics.CAI Xuetong competes in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.According to Visual China “Have fun!”Gold already can’t define today’s Chinese player in the game today are going to do, in addition to the game, and a is defined as “podium”, that is the 19th when the impending freestyle skiing aerial skill mix team final, veteran Xu Mengtao will strive to help the Chinese team to get the new purpose of investigating the winter Olympic gold medal.However, for today’s Chinese sports and Chinese athletes, the charm of sports lies in the different personality and charm of each player behind each action.Qiu Leng, who finished last in the final, has already received as much praise as the champion today as she “professed her love” to her teammates through the camera.In fact, the charm of The Chinese athletes in this Winter Olympics goes far beyond the competition.Su yiming, who won a silver medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle, called out to Her friends before her race, wishing her “a good time.”The younger generation has a more youthful understanding of the meaning of sports. After decades of “sportsmen”, gold MEDALS are no longer the definition of Today’s Chinese athletes.Their personality charm is to help the Beijing Winter Olympic Games “successful circle” more bright spot!Red Star news reporter Hu Minjuan Pei Han editor Wang He (download red star news, report awards!