What are the characteristics of sanxingdui jade wares in the hands of folk collectors?

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At the beginning of the 21st century, sanxingdui artifacts, some of which were in the hands of folk collectors in China, began to surface.In recent years, I had a chance to see this kind of jade in some folk collectors there, I think, and usually see the sanxingdui jade and fake completely different, they have all kinds of characteristics of the ancient jade, in particular, has the following characteristics: 1, using fine stream YuCai (through flash Shi Yu, from sichuan wenchuan, maoxian county) and serpentine mo.Old ripe jade, jade face aging traces are obvious.3. A few utensils have secondary crystallization.4, jade patina nature.5, jade work marks are more peculiar, but most of them are hand-carved.6, the shape of many sacrificial objects, strange shape, can not be imagined.7. The heads of the figures in the round jade carving are exactly the same as the bronze heads unearthed in sanxingdui sacrificial pit.Jade tooth zhang and edge zhang are serpentine ink jade, and the engraved patterns are exactly the same as those of jade tooth zhang and edge zhang unearthed from sanxingdui sacrificial pit.Conclusion: The sanxingdui jade in the hands of the folk collectors is a sacrificial relic from the western Sichuan plain 3000 to 2500 years ago.Since no round jade carvings have been unearthed from Sanxingdui sacrificial pit, it is understandable that the staff of the archaeological and cultural museum system have doubts about this, and their current cautious attitude is also expected.However, this kind of folk collections beyond the imagination of cultural museum personnel, they do have the relevance of Sanxingdui culture is also an objective fact.The best thing to do with an object like this is to confront it.It is necessary to take visual or mechanical identification, such as the detection of carbon 14 of jade attachments, the detection of the age of coexistent shells, and the study of micromark of work marks, etc.Before the specific detection report and research results come out, we still should maintain a cautious attitude, do not deny easily.A scientific attitude should be the only desirable attitude for us to explore the unknown world and unknown things.