Why are more americans obese but less likely to have a brain attack?Doctor: Or it has something to do with “one more and one less”

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Cerebral infarction as cardiovascular problems, which cause serious damage to the life and health in recent years, more and more high risk, so need to pay attention to the onset of cerebral infarction rate in the world’s first, in everyone’s impression, obesity seems to weight, people with chronic diseases are at higher risk of cerebral infarction, but the real incidence of cerebral infarction in the United States to play our faces.Relative to European and American countries, the probability of obesity in the United States is relatively high, but the incidence of cerebral infarction is lower than us, what is the reason?In fact, the reason is very simple, mainly in a little more.Why is the rate of obesity so high in the United States, but the rate of brain infarction so low?Doctor: or is associated with more than 1 less one more: more folate mentioned, you may not have heard of, but mention vitamin everyone not unfamiliar, folic acid is a kind of B vitamins, usually, vegetables contain more vitamin, folic acid content enough to lower the risk of hypertension, can prevent hardening of the arteries.The American people are very attention to folic acid intake, American people think in folate intake to amount to mark the body will be healthier, and because of that, the American people in the incidence of cerebral infarction was lower, and folic acid intake has much to do, our country also like to eat vegetables, arguably the body should not be lack of folic acid, but at the time of cook with stir-fried method, make the huge loss of folic acid in the vegetables.Want to supplement folic acid, actually very simple, appropriate to eat some vegetables, best can use the method of boiling, steaming, or can use cold method, in addition, need to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, additional need according to the body situation appropriate supplement folic acid.1 less:Less salt with the increase of chronic diseases, bad to the body, eat more salt is known to all eat more salt is harmful to the body, go to restaurants can choose light class food, try not to choose for class at home, such as bacon, pickles, sausages and other food, taste delicious, but if the long-term consumption of easy heart rate quickens the body, for the lungs and throat in damage,It also increases the risk of brain infarction.According to China’s nutritional dietary guidelines,Adults need daily intake of salt control in 6 grams, about the quantity of mineral water bottle caps, in life a lot of people do not follow the standard operation, if put it a slightly when cook, there will be overweight, a lot of spice contains salt, oyster sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, for example, life need to pay more attention to salt intake.How to reduce the incidence of cerebral infarction?(1) Shut up, stretch legs exercise for the body’s resistance will increase, weight loss can prevent cerebral infarction is a good way, people with diabetes or liver and kidney dysfunction, need timely treatment.Diet should be based on low-fat and low-calorie food, as light as possible, eat more deep-sea fish and high-fiber food, and supplement vitamins, protein, iron, zinc and other trace elements, and pay attention to the cleanliness of food.② Quit smoking and alcohol life in many people can not quit alcohol and tobacco, for healthy people, tobacco and alcohol is the “killer”, often smoking will not only increase the blood nicotine, will bring harm to blood vessels, accelerate the speed of blood hardening, make blood more viscous, thrombosis.When drinking, although it can achieve the effect of dredging blood vessels and activating blood circulation, drinking will make the body high blood pressure, so that blood vessels are blocked, affecting cerebral infarction, which has adverse effects on the body.③ Healthy diet for today’s people, the food they like to eat is spicy and spicy food. Delicious food is very harmful to the body, especially fried food, which will increase the burden on the body and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems.Fried food makes fat accumulation, the body can not normally discharge, gradually forming thrombosis, increasing the risk of cerebral infarction, therefore, daily life to eat more vegetables, fruits, less salt, less oil, daily salt can be controlled at 6 grams.Healthy New Year