No wonder the Spring Festival Gala!Spring Festival Gala actress talented also beautiful: Zhao Liying finale, the most amazing no one knows

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With all eyes on it, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala concludes with the song “Unforgettable Tonight” once again.The show, which lasted more than four hours, had many happy and touching moments.It can be said that it is the efforts of too many people to achieve such a wonderful party.In fact, while watching the show, some netizens commented that the actors and actresses were so beautiful and talented.Let’s take a look at the stars of the Year of the Tiger.As we all know, there are five hosts in this year’s Spring Festival Gala, respectively: Ren Luyu, Sa Beining, Nig Maitti, Li Sisi and Ma Fanshu.Two of the five hosts were female hosts, and it was really easy to look at sisters on the same stage.It’s pretty, but neither of them is eye candy.Li Sisi has hosted the gala for the ninth time.In fact, as soon as the host came out to read the opening remarks of the gala, Internet users were attracted by Li sisi’s style: a bright red dress with a waist that seemed thinner than an A4 waist.Her appearance level is really good.Just beneath the level of appearance, there is her superb hosting talent.In the attention of hundreds of millions of Chinese, can so properly, confident hosting programs.It does take courage.Fortunately, Li Sisi is excellent in all aspects, so he will stand on the Spring Festival Gala stage again and again.Speaking of and she presided over the Ma Fan Shu, just into the host circle, has been questioned.Now after 7 years of experience, finally stand on the Spring Festival Gala host position.She also became the first post-90s female host on the Spring Festival Gala stage.And just after the opening, the entry “Marvansu is too beautiful” caused a wide discussion.Fortunately, many years of hone, let her in a beautiful appearance, there is a remarkable hosting ability.So hosting such a big party is no problem at all.I believe that after such a try, this girl in Harbin will definitely have a promising future.Ma Fanshu, a female star born in the 1990s, is hosting the Spring Festival Gala for the first time.In fact, there are many stars for the first time on the spring night of the Tiger.It’s like a chick.On the stage of the Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger, Ying ‘er performed the skit father and Son with Sun Tao and Wang Lei.It takes courage to do a sketch for the first time.After all, skits are about improvisation, requiring actors to adjust the pace according to the actual situation.And judging by the airing, she did a good job.And the beauty on the stage is also very beautiful.Look cool in a cute red flounces top and jeans.The key is that the figure management is too good, clothes wear on the body temperament, is really enviable.Taiwan actress Michelle Chen will also be making her first appearance at the gala.She is known as an actress and has many representative works.Appearing on the Spring Festival Gala stage, she participated in the first program.Zhao Liying also appeared in the first show.But because it was the equivalent of a sitcom, many of the actors in the show were involved in other shows.Zhao Liying and Yu Kewei, Wang Junkai, Zhu Yilong and others, duet the song “Happy Time”.It is worth mentioning that she and Zhu Yilong with the frame, let a lot of people dream back to “know whether know whether should be green fat red thin”.Returning to the topic of Spring Festival Gala, it is not easy to perform two shows on the first Spring Festival Gala, which proves the degree of recognition of Zhao Liying.Fortunately, along the way, she has not let her fans down.When you’re doing it, do it with your heart.Participating in various activities is also quite bright.Take this Spring Festival Gala for example, the beginning of a sweep of the lens is very beautiful.At the end, when singing, it was unbelievably sweet. No wonder some netizens lamented that Zhao Liying was a “sweet girl” on the stage.For the first program of the Spring Festival Gala, it is equivalent to a large-scale sitcom.So there are quite a few celebrities who, like Michelle Chen, are just flashes.But even so, many people are talking about it.Such as Song Zuer and MAO Xiaotong.The two reprise their roles as sisters in the opening clip.It’s easy to think of last year’s hit show, The Joes.Although it is a flash of the lens, but enough to prove that the netizens to their approval.Among young mainland actresses, both have come to the fore.In the future, I hope they can get better and better.Also recognized is Shayna.We all know shayna had a rough year last year.But it seems that her popularity is still very high.That’s why she appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.Wai Yinghong and Liu Tao are old people on the Spring Festival Gala stage.Wai yinghong as the queen, there are too many good works.Standing on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, is still full of confidence, vivid interpretation of a sentence: beauty in the bone is not skin.Liu Tao is one of the most famous actresses of the Mesozoic era.A lot of people are not surprised to be on stage.And unlike a few in front, in addition to the beginning of a flash, Liu Tao is also responsible for the interaction of the magic program.A long red dress is really intellectual and elegant.In fact, in addition to the above female stars, on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, there are many amazing shapes.Let’s start with language programs. Every year on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, Zhang Xiafei always brings a hot dress.This year’s Spring Festival Gala is no exception.To better fit into the role, she wore a lake blue corduroy coat this year, paired with a white shirt and black pants.Although wearing simple, but do not lose the sense of design, more highlights the elegant temperament.Have to say “fei ma” Zhang Xiaofei, is simply walking clothes shelf.Because it looks so good on her, she just wore clothes to play, there are netizens show: Zhang Xiaofei with the same coat sold out in 10 minutes…Ma Li is also a comedienne that many people look forward to.Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala, finally once again to see “Shen Ma” CP.The mahua Happy team led by two people is still familiar and brings us many surprises and joys.In the sketch “Not Yet”, Shen teng wears a coffee sweater, which gives him the feeling of “hao Jian in his dream”.Perhaps to match, Mary wore a blue cardigan, and the two of them harmonized.Although it is to match, but the style of this pure and fresh quietly elegant, suit Ma Li very much indeed.In addition to the attention of the sketch actors, the Spring Festival Gala stage singer, also very concerned.Basically, from the beginning, Li aroused a lot of discussion.Her singing and dancing song “Sense of The Times” with Deng Chao and Yi Yangqixi was the first program.Li Yuchun looked stunning in her pink sequined dress.Agile bingle deserves to go up powdery tender dress, one move is sex appeal and handsome collision.It can be seen that debut years, in fashion sense, Li Yuchun is really accurate.Song Qian is also a very fashionable female star.As an idol turned actress, she is very good at singing and dancing.This time in the Spring Festival Gala stage, sing a song.As if to get in the festive mood, Song wore a red suit with matching trousers.Also wearing red is singer Coco Lee.On the spring night of the Year of the Tiger, Liao Changyong and Coco Lee sang Light up the Dream.The scene of Coco Lee, not a trace of old age, wearing a fiery red dress, high ponytail, looks very spirited.And she sings well, adding luster to the whole song.In addition to a few above, there are many female stars on the Spring Festival Gala.Like Jikejuan Yi, has been cool, sa of the image, this time is still high pony tail, with a short skirt.Another example is Angela Chang, who sang together in love with Lee Wing Ho.Intelligent singing and science and technology blend perfectly, under the light, she seems to come out of the fairy tale princess.Speaking of which, as the gala that Chinese people all over the world are concerned about, almost all people want it to have a complete presentation.Therefore, the actresses will pay special attention to participate in the best state.But even so, netizens still think the amazing actress is: Meng Qingyang.She is the lead dancer in the dance show This is only Green.Because it was so amazing, after this dance, Meng Qingyang flooded the screen.Netizens have lamented that the little sister is too beautiful, the body as the main leader of her energetic, dance movement strength and soft beauty coexist.Under the camera, the face shot is still beautiful, graceful, white skin, clear jaw line is ridiculous…It is said that “only this green” castle peak far dai is very big Song dynasty, Meng Qingyang more ancient rhyme.In fact, before this, she also learned classical dance in The North dance.In the past, she also acted as the lead dancer in Silk Road and Chunhui.It is a pity that few people pay attention to the classical dance. Even though the little sister is excellent, not too many people know her.Fortunately, after the Spring Festival Gala, I believe she will have a lot of promotion.After all, a lot of people fell in love with her because of The Only Green.In fact, if you take a careful inventory, there are many beautiful shapes on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.I can see a lot of people have put their heart and soul into this show.Fortunately, efforts have not been in vain, have a good presentation.Too many people have a night to remember.Finally, I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.The end of the text is the end is also the beginning.