$200 billion to build the world’s first undersea high-speed rail, China’s speed set the world on fire again, us can’t do it

2022-07-15 0 By

The picture shows the tunnel due to China’s infrastructure construction progress is very rapid, far beyond the western cognitive, so has the net friend give China an infrastructure spree, now, China has the world’s longest high-speed operation mileage, most of the large bridge project, and most of the large hydropower station, but the fact is that these not what,China again original $200 billion building the world’s first underwater high-speed rail, and has entered into the key construction stage, it seems China speed again stir in the world, it is the shantou bay underwater high-speed rail tunnel, shantou bay undersea tunnel is the key to controlling oil sandstones, railway engineering, the territory is located in shantou city, guangdong province, from the China railway shisiju construction, total length of 9781 meters,It is the first undersea high-speed railway tunnel with a design standard of 350 km/h and large diameter shield tunneling across the sea in China.No wonder China’s infrastructure is popular in the world. It is precisely because Chinese people dare to challenge the impossible. Even many Western countries led by France and Germany also feel that:To build high-speed rail tunnel in the bottom of the sea, even at the height of the United States also can’t do that, it also curious, human not to build the tunnel, the channel tunnel, for example, Japan’s green letter, and tunnel, are world famous tunnel engineering, don’t look at abroad, see domestic, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge is immersed tube tunnel section of the sea,Why shantou Bay Undersea tunnel can be so highly appraised by western countries?The graph is the tunnel that is because after the tunnel, are basically for car for ordinary train, whereas the shantou bay undersea tunnel is used to run high-speed rail, to know the high speed rail is as high as 350 kilometers per hour, so it is also very high to the requirement of tunnel and ordinary train tunnel cannot meet the demand of high-speed operation,A special undersea route would have to be created to allow trains to pass at full speed, and shantou Bay is located in an area of difficult undersea terrain, further complicating the tunnel’s construction.To realize construction of tunnels in the bottom of the sea, not only need to overcome the influence of the water, at the same time also need to solve the problem of geological disaster, water is highly corrosive and steel in such an environment is more easy to rust, if leakage occurs, the steel bar in the tunnel, the tracks will become more easy to rust, and the water of the sea will also bring strong water pressure, will also be on the top of the tunnel,Geological hazards are not to mention, as the line crosses 17 broken rock belts and the potential for undersea earthquakes are the tunnel’s biggest Nemesis.During tunnel in order to make shantou bay tunnel goes smoothly, the engineers prepared three different schemes, according to the problems facing different tunnel section, select the corresponding construction measures, such as silt, directly USES the Ming excavation method, completion of the tunnel construction and then to backfill soil, and by the underwater rock section, shield machine is adopted to homework, in the end,There will be hard rock that even shield machines can’t dig, so mining method will be needed. With the combination of various means, I believe China will be able to dig through this undersea high-speed rail tunnel.In fact, not only is the shantou bay the demand of the construction of underwater high-speed rail tunnel, bohai bay and the qiongzhou strait, also need to connect the tunnel, so the shantou bay construction experience, can also be applied to the local in the future, thus to further improve the transportation system of China, it is worth mentioning that the perfect traffic has immeasurable value for the development of Chinese economy,That’s why China spends so much money on infrastructure every year.