Alert!Mutual aid a woman received network part-time “manual live” deep brush single routine was cheated more than 40,000

2022-07-15 0 By

We see so long anti-fraud propaganda, I believe that more or less to “brush single is fraud” to understand, but if the fraud method “update”, you can also accurately identify?Ms. Yang of Weiyuan town of mutual-aid county encountered is “brush single fraud” upgrade version —- “manual live part-time” fraud, the following is Ms. Yang was defrauded, hope we read carefully, beware of being cheated.During the Spring Festival in the town of hubei vying ms Yang idle when nothing at home to brush “trill” saw an advertisement video about manual labor, ms Yang added under the orders of the other ads within a WeChat ID as a friend, according to the requirements of the other party after download the APP, a “push” within the APP staff to its manual details are introduced, and then sent to ms Yang an assembly of video,To ms Yang shall be carried out in accordance with the video learning assembly, customer service tell her after her “manual labor” in the raw materials have orders and deliveries, because haven’t the arrival of the goods, so “customer service” began to ms Yang introduced another “part-time”, is to be a “virtual task”, known as “network brush list”, let the first brush list required by the other party to earn commissions,Ms Yang is requested by the other party to specify “trill” account thumb up point focus on earning a few dollars commission, ms Yang was on the way to make money, and then under the guidance of the other party within the “push” APP is a large brush single step by step, but it has not been promised commission we get it, she said with “customer service”, and then continue to “brush”, to withdraw,Yang then realized she had been swindled out of 46,659 yuan.This type of fraud, cheats often with low threshold, time freedom, high commission and other recruitment conditions to attract the attention of the victim, very misleading, and for a considerable part of the group is pregnant women, bao Ma, college students and unemployed personnel, please be sure to enhance vigilance, strengthen prevention, avoid causing property losses.Mutual help public security warm tips: please download the national anti-fraud center APP in time, and real-name registration, open the early warning function, beware of telecom fraud, start from you and me!Review | | Cai Xiang meta editors Cai Xiang yuan feeds | Interpol brigade typesetting | Chen Yonglan