Farmers are puzzled by the ban on red bricks for building houses in rural areas. Experts explain why. Do you agree?

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Building a house in the countryside is a big deal. There is a saying in the countryside that there are three important things in one’s life: getting a wife, having children and building a house. It shows how important building a house is for farmers.Red bricks used to be used to build houses in the countryside. This kind of building material is not only cheap, but also popular in color. Red symbolizes the prosperous life in the future.But in recent years, the government has repeatedly demanded that the use of red bricks be banned in rural housing construction. Is this a disguised attempt to prevent farmers from building houses?The state put forward corresponding policies, the production of red bricks was banned, and other building materials were the main building materials.For the older generation, it is very difficult to understand why red brick can not be used, perhaps they used red brick most in that period.Then the following small make up for you to bring the reasons why red brick is banned :(1) the production process of red brick will produce harmful gases, which is not conducive to people’s health.(2) Red brick production costs too much, in the process of production will emit a lot of smoke and dust, causing environmental damage.(3) the cost of building a house increases, the weight of red brick is large, and the amount of cement reinforcement will increase when building a house.In fact, the most important thing is to pollute the environment. Nowadays, the country vigorously advocates energy saving and environmental protection, while the production process of red brick completely violates this concept, so it is normal that red brick is banned.Experts put forward: in order to protect precious land resources, effectively do a good job of energy conservation and emission reduction, protect our living environment, the relevant departments of the state under the construction industry construction ban the use of ordinary clay sintering brick ban, vigorously promote the use of hollow brick.Our countryside can use fly ash aerated hollow brick.Light weight, heat preservation, environmental protection.Good quality.Have qualitative heavy light, intensity tall, heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation effect is good wait for an advantage to wait for the partition that uses pottery hollow brick to undertake frame structure commonly now and heat preservation exterior wall construction, this brick not only quality is light and heat preservation and sound insulation effect are good.Then how should we build a house in the countryside?The house should be framed, piled, poured and then filled with environmentally friendly bricks. Even in the event of an earthquake, the corners are safe and the columns will not fall.It’s better for the robustness and security of the house.In this way, not only the construction cycle is shortened, but also more energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to prefabricated building and made more and more policies, which is a new stage of prefabricated building in China.Do you have any views on the above hope that you leave a lot of comments.