Jiangsu Port logistics development to show new vitality to see how Yancheng strong chart!

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To serve the high-quality development of coastal areas and provide transportation guarantee for enterprises, the development of port and shipping logistics in Jiangsu has continuously shown new vitality.February 17, reporters came to Yancheng binhai and Dafeng port area on-site exploration.On the north side of the digging-in harbor in binhai Port area, a wharf berth with a total length of 310 meters will be designed to be opened on New Year’s Day with a capacity of 5.8 million tons/year to serve the wood chip transportation demand of Sinar Mas industry. The wood chip will be delivered directly to sinar Mas warehouse by belt conveyor.It serves the 266,000 cubic meter LNG ship berths of cnooc Jiangsu LNG Reserve Base expansion project, with a designed annual passing capacity of 6 million tons.Compared with coal and oil, the 6 million tons of LNG produced by the project can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18.82 million tons and nitrogen oxide emissions by 334,000 tons, equivalent to planting 40 million trees. The amount of LNG processed each year can supply gas for people’s livelihood in the region for about 28 months.”Binhai Port area will receive and unload 7.5 million tons of cargo in 2021, and the throughput is expected to reach 12 million tons in 2022, providing logistics and transportation guarantee for all enterprises in the Yellow Sea New Area.”Jiangsu Yancheng Port Binhai Port Development Group deputy general manager Yang Bin introduced.With the longest coastline in Jiangsu province, but no natural deep-water seaport, how can Yancheng develop to the sea?The development of Dafeng Port from scratch, from small to large, and then to a national first-class port, the only deep-water port in the central coastal region of Jiangsu Province, demonstrates the courage and determination of yancheng people to develop to the sea.Under the epidemic situation, Dafeng Port has formulated a series of effective measures to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers and ensure the normal production and living order of the people.Yuan Xin, chairman of Jiangsu Dafeng Seaport Holding Group, introduced that Dafeng Port continues to promote provincial multi-modal transport demonstration project construction, gives full play to the shipping advantages of tongyu River connecting seaport and connecting river channels, opens up container liner routes to Qinzhou, Xuzhou, Suqian, Nanjing and other places, and opens up river-sea combined transport channels for bulk materials.At the same time, we will accelerate the north-south expansion project of grain terminals and the construction of supporting infrastructure such as container yards, and constantly improve the handling capacity and rear carrying capacity of the terminals.Priority should be given to grain and coal enterprises in need of supply protection, and priority should be given to receiving and unloading. The joint inspection departments should be coordinated to speed up customs clearance procedures, optimize operation procedures, improve loading and unloading efficiency, and strictly implement all work requirements for epidemic prevention and control.Reporter also learned that yancheng dafeng port railway feeder preliminary design late last year in jiangsu province development and reform commission formally approved, the project construction to further perfect the system of the port of yancheng dafeng port ShuYun, to get through dafeng port railway port “last one kilometer”, promote the adjustment of transport structure, driving regional economic and social development has important significance.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Chen Jingang proofread Su Yun