The Spring Festival Gala is too busy: Zhu Xun double eyelids steal the spotlight, Yang Mi big beautiful legs, little Shenyang show up to sing

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The 2022 Spring Festival Gala of the Federation of Literary and Art Federations was held grandly!The Spring Festival Gala invited many popular artists to participate in the realization of a hundred flowers bloom, colorful spectacle.Zhu Xun, Ren Luyu, Zhang Lei, Fang Qiong as the host, so that the evening party from the beginning of a trace of CCTV Spring Festival Gala atmosphere, high style.However, the state of everyone in the spring evening is not the same, some face bloated light makeup mirror show old, also some makeup hair delicate big beautiful legs, the United States back.Host Zhu Xun that day’s state is not enough energy, a little tired face, especially her double eyelids are too conspicuous, even if not pushed close-up also give people a kind of “sad frog” illusion.Another female host Zhang Lei’s condition is much better than Zhu Xun obviously, white embroidery dress wraps its waist concave and convex have send, ruddy full facial state makes her typhoon more show steady atmosphere.Only when a hundred flowers bloom can there be a battle of beauty. The state of many stars in the evening of the Literary Federation spring is different, and it is really necessary to compare to know.The first appearance is Tan Weiwei, she and special actor Liu Jin to perform the time suite “Inch Heart”.Tan Weiwei was very festive in her red suit.But for some reason, her makeup was light and her face was a little puffy, which made her look fat when the camera shot her from up.His long straight hair doesn’t flatter his slightly chubby face, and while the song is powerful and uplifting, Tan still loses in a bad way.Tan Weiwei singing loud and clear face state is poor on the contrary, Yang Mi is holding the appearance level lost singing skills.That night, Big Mi – mi once again collaborated with Zhou Bichang, bringing a song “Years”.The Yang Mi of eyes clever, full of charm is below scene dance beauty, more show beautiful and moving, a hollow out flower short skirt will its slender beautiful leg show undoubtedly.Her long curly hair covered her thin, beautiful back, and looked like a fairy from a distance.Unfortunately, Yang Mi’s mouth is still the same as that of “Love’s Offering”. Her breath is unstable and her voice is thin. If Zhou Bichang did not support her in voice, I am afraid that the completion of this song would be much worse.Compared with Yang mi’s singing skills, the three actresses in Children of The Qiao family — MAO Xiaotong, Song Zuer and Tang Yixin — are more recognizable.They performed the show’s theme song, “There’s always a Light in Life.”The three beauties are beautiful in their own way.Song Zuer face small facial features three-dimensional, suitable for a variety of modeling.She wore a sequined princess dress with loose braided hair to accentuate her youthful advantage.Tang Yixin deserves the title of “sweet department” class representative, the small dimple when smiling directly hits people’s heart, although compared with Song Zu ‘er, her facial features are not prominent enough, the face seems to be a big circle, but these do not affect her lovely sweet tired image.MAO Xiaotong appeared, the atmosphere will be strong, especially her eyes, lovely and moving will “tell a story”.The three actresses, each beautiful in their own way, divided the round equally.In the evening, Li Qin also appeared in a pink gauze dress and sang a song titled “People’s Land and Mountains” with Yu Kewei, Wang Kai and A Yunga.Li Qin’s makeup look is light and transparent, and the person also appears clean and transparent.But the song that night is so powerful and profound that without the support of the other three singers, it would have been difficult for Li Qin to achieve the grandeur of the song alone.Chen Turin was also a clear stream on the night.In a long red velvet dress and a retro shoulder-length haircut with a bow accessory, she stripped away her schoolgirl look and added a touch of femininity.However, it seems to be the uneven lighting on the spot, her overall skin tone is slightly dark and not bright enough, and she is not as young as usual.But Joey Yung played a stable, whether state or singing skills are as usual, will be a song “Love is here” interpretation of dynamic passion.Chen He, Xiao Shenyang collective singing, Li Yifeng, Du Jiang, Gong Jun on the same stage of the female stars that night play their own characteristics, the performance of the male stars are also different.Hu Xia gold rimmed glasses, elegant warm temperament coming.Long unseen little Shenyang dressed in a dark green suit, a mouth will bring out the northeast flavor.Although he rarely performs such a legitimate red song, his stage performance that night was more composed, unlike his old image as a chatterbox.Similar to Little Shenyang, Chen He also changes into a dark blue suit and sings red songs affectionately.Chen He not only stood tall and straight, but also managed his micro expressions very well. On the same stage with Chen Turin, Sun Yi and Yuan Yawei, Chen He was quite professional.But it was Li Yifeng who had the best performance of the night, dazzling in a black sequined suit.Driven by the dynamic music, Li Yifeng quickly entered the role and the stage atmosphere soared.Du Jiang seems to have just come back to the state of filming, the face of the skin color is obviously uneven, the two cheeks were tanned darker.But the more so, the more it shows the style of a tough guy, but when he opens his mouth to sing, he also brings the straightforwardness and heroism of a soldier, and the songs are slightly stiff.Unlike Li Yifeng’s dynamic and Du Jiang’s “hard work”, Gong Jun has a bright smile but a little shy. He is more bookish.Three people full of passion, heroic performance, the whole party to a climax.Finally, Kenneth Fok, on behalf of the Hong Kong Federation of Literary and Arts associations, appeared on camera to pay New Year’s greetings to compatriots of all ethnic groups in China.However, he looks very tired, with dark circles under his eyes and two acne spots on his face. Maybe he is very busy recently, so please pay attention to adjust his state.The conclusion is originally a place where flowers contend for spring, where people in literary and art circles gather, and also a platform to show the overall quality level of entertainment and cultural circles.The Year of the Tiger Gala brings together the elites of the industry to celebrate the New Year to the people of the whole country, which is both a joy and a blessing. I wish the development of literature and art in the coming year will be flourishing and further progress will be made.#, # star #, # state #