Under the epidemic situation, I advise you not to conceive two children: make out for a while cool, two children really trouble!

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Dad made out in bed for a while, after the second child really annoying.In the past month or so, the epidemic has been repeated across the country, and many urban communities have pressed the pause button because of the epidemic.I see a lot of young friends jokingly said: epidemic at home, rare reunion, just can be affectionate, a second child play.Take my advice: don’t give birth to a second child.Don’t have a baby with your wife just because you’re stuck at home.Day thunder hook ground fire, make out is completely ok, but really don’t wipe gun misfire, win the bid.Because I’m a living, breathing negative case study.Last year, to be exact, at the end of the year before, we had several COVID-19 cases here, and the community managed them for a few days.At that time my wife and I on the brain a heat, the heart thought, anyway at home also have no matter, simply give birth to a second child.Ten months later, a second child was born.The epidemic never passed.And we have no original joy, only endless trouble.Because the epidemic, the black swan, has hit us too hard.At this time and pregnant two children, is simply adding insult to injury, jumped a bitter sea.Let me talk about the impact.The first is the fact that the epidemic is in doubt.You don’t know when it’s coming.For most of the time, life in the city went on as usual, but when the pandemic hit, everything went haywire.A few days ago, our community was under lockdown due to the epidemic.My eldest brother, two treasures have a fever.For the epidemic before, go to the drugstore to buy antipyretic to eat, observation, physical cooling is good.But because of the epidemic, pharmacies do not sell cold medicine, you must go to the designated hospital to see a doctor.If you go to the hospital, you have to do nucleic acid. If you are hospitalized, you have to limit the number of accompanying family members.My wife and I have been exhausted for a week.We’re doing okay here. It’s just a cold.One of my friends just gave birth during the containment period of the epidemic. Although there was an emergency plan, her husband and wife were still very nervous for a few days, which made the pregnant woman feel particularly stressed and afraid that she could not go to the hospital to give birth.In the end, I guess it was just too much stress, and I went into premature labor, and it was a bit of a scramble, but fortunately it didn’t lead to serious consequences.It’s just not convenient to see a doctor. The bigger challenge is the impact of the epidemic. Many people don’t expect that their income will drop.At this time again pregnant two children, production, confinement, milk powder, diapers, everything to money.When the costs of raising children are high and incomes are low, it’s a headache.My wife is one of them.Within months of the birth of her second child, the two companies she worked part-time closed.The reason is nothing more than the epidemic logistics, raw materials, labor are rising, small businesses really can not bear.So, now my wife hates me.Often see me not happy, scold me: all is you want to give birth to two children, now good money can not earn, the child cold have a fever to see a disease are vexed.I listened to also had to endure silently, also dare not say a word.It can be said that at that time, I did not expect to be pregnant with two children so annoying epidemic!Under the epidemic, pregnant two children to be careful ah!Harsh advice from a middle-aged man!