Beipiao CPPCC members donated love cakes to fight the epidemic, showing a sense of responsibility

2022-07-16 0 By

The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world.In the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation in Beipiao city, the CPPCC calls on all CPPCC members to play their advantages and rush to the front line to fight the epidemic.On March 28, Liu Yang, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), gave full play to the spirit of duty and dedication, and sent sweet desserts and warm condolences to the frontline staff of 10 communities.Liu Yang as a member of the City’s Political Consultative Conference, still sweet duoduo cake chain general manager, he gave full play to their own advantages, for the prevention of the frontline staff to provide free love cakes.In order to make fresh ingredients available to the workers on the front line of epidemic prevention, Liu Yang got up early in the morning and prepared cakes for them. From baking to whipping to packaging, Liu made the cakes carefully so that the workers could eat the freshly baked cakes.In the afternoon, a car filled with “love pastry” truck came to the door of the saves isolation center, liu will lead a worker bags of love pastry from out in the car compartment, and the distance to the epidemic prevention staff expressed greetings, and hurried off to the next epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention workers get pastries are far to liu expressed his gratitude.This time, Liu Yang donated a total of 500 pieces of bread, cookies and cakes. The three kinds of desserts were packed into a bag of cakes. Inside, liu Yang also sent a greeting card to the epidemic prevention workers, saying, “Thank you for working day and night to guard against the virus.Five hundred heart-warming messages, accompanied by delicious cakes, were sent to frontline workers to convey care and warmth to epidemic prevention workers.(Reporter Xie Hongyan tong Huan)