Is it true that the five cents of clubs are worth $100,000?What year is it? Do you know

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Five plum coins have been the network stir stir, stir is nothing more than its price, the Internet said five plum coins someone to price one hundred thousand, is true or false, which year?Today xiaobian and everyone together to interpret the value of the five plum coins!Plum blossom cents coin collector is actually one of the most popular currency, plum blossom cents coin issued a total of 11 years, from 1991 to 2001, we all know that the most valuable is almost 1993 years of plum blossom fifty-cent piece, now the market price in 50 yuan to 80 yuan, and the most valuable patina COINS, especially the green and black patina of COINS,The collection market has been stir-fried to about 200 yuan to 250 yuan per piece.So, after all that talk, is it true that the fifty cents of clubs are worth $100,000?Said that this coin is the 1992 plum blossom five cents coin, some people say that this is a wrong version of the coin, and experts give the name, called crescent coins, the reason is that some careful people found that the 1992 plum blossom five cents coin in the middle of the tiananmen square flagpole some right, some left, so there is a wrong version of the coin and crescent coins name.For some really is out of the high price to buy the wrong version of COINS, online said two wrong version of the currency in 1992, to 3500 yuan, this is really is unknown, in a word said $100000 this is absolutely false, in fact, it is the most valuable COINS in 1986 the delicate coin, 7 with a chapter box, worth around $180000, this is the king of COINS.In fact, now the wintersweet five cents coin common goods the most valuable also between 10 yuan to 20 yuan, and so on the value of other years is also between 1 yuan to 15 yuan, there is no 100 thousand this concept, please do not believe that wintersweet five cents coin value 100 thousand, there is this information is false!!