Lanzhou’s worst food, only 8 yuan a serving, afraid no one will eat, dare not raise the price

2022-07-16 0 By

Due to its unique geographical location and accommodation, Lanzhou has its own unique local cuisine. In addition to the well-known ramen noodles, there are also many local delicacies, such as water paste and grey beans. Although the names of these delicacies have never been heard of, they do not affect its delicious taste.Although I want to share the delicious food of Lanzhou with you today, this delicious food is quite strange. It is not the best but the worst.The name of the restaurant, which gives way to misunderstanding, also makes people curious to see how bad their beef noodles really are.As for the name of this restaurant, the owner has also given an explanation, he said that it tastes bad, not to say beef noodles taste bad, but very difficult to queue.Have to say the boss stunt is very successful in this name, because there are many customers are looking at him, but was attracted by the taste of beef noodles, his home, the store was opened in 2008 to the present has more than ten years, but in the local is very famous, is not only a name, is their clear soup noodles, the taste is also a special skill.In addition to the delicious noodles, this shop has a good location. It is next to the wet market, so it does not worry about customer flow. Moreover, the noodles sold in the owner’s house are relatively affordable, a large bowl of beef noodles is only 8 yuan, and the side dishes are 1.5 yuan each, which is relatively cheap in Lanzhou.The boss said that some people came to the store for the first time because of the name of the store, and some were attracted by it, but most of them came for cheap. So although their beef noodles tasted very good, he dared not raise the price because he was afraid that no one would come to eat them.In fact, every boss has encountered the problem of snack bar price rise. If it is handled properly, it will not be affected, but if it is not handled well, it will affect part of the customers and cause their own losses, so the boss does not dare to increase the price. This situation still exists.The boss said that he did not reduce the standard of beef noodles because the price is cheap, their home is to use the machine and the good after pulling by hand, without a trace of jerky, their home beef noodles are pure hand pulled out, so eat more chewy, and taste very good.The noodles are cheap, but they contain everything they need, including radish, cilantro and garlic sprouts for flavor.And on top of that, the soup is made from beef bones, so you can smell the meat from a mile away.Because the store business is good, so the table on the door, but people eat and queuing don’t mind, as long as there is a place where they can eat beef noodles of the boss, I feel very satisfied, no matter what business, as long as you take the good faith for this, the use of ingredients are real, so when the price rises slightly up some money, everyone is acceptable.