Real estate evaluation | Taiping TOD ecological livable city low total price plate, just need not miss the house!

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Leju real estate evaluation series, from the professional evaluation division of the scene on the plate.Before you make a decision to buy a house, we will from the location, housing type, traffic, supporting, product force five aspects, full dimension, multi-angle, multi-form analysis, 5 minutes of reading time, so that the real situation of the real estate present.This real estate evaluation project — Impression of The Times (Guangzhou), located in Taiping TOD ecological livable city, taiping TOD with a total construction area of 1.55 million square meters and a planned population of 33,000 people, is positioned as a new landmark of the integration of industry and city in the north of Guangzhou.To build a new regional comprehensive service center integrating residential, commercial and commercial functions, and an ecological and livable new city gathering talents.The project is located in Taiping district, Conghua District, which is owned by Guangzhou Longwu Real Estate Development Co., LTD. At present, the unit for sale is about 88-105 square meters of three to four rooms.Suitable for the crowd suitable for Guangzhou and surrounding cities just need families.Price analysis Time Impression (Guangzhou) in the sale of construction area of about 88-105 square meters three to four rooms, the average price of about 18500 yuan/square meters, the same plate real estate also have Elegant Riverside Yanyuan, in the sale of construction area of about 77-98 square meters three to four rooms residential products, the average price of about 18,000 yuan/square, and pearl River One City · International City, in the sale of construction area of about 83-200 square meters three to four rooms,The average price is about 16,500-18,500 yuan /㎡.In contrast, The Times impression (Guangzhou) less than other new plate, and supporting the mature planning of the subway, more comfortable.Time impression (Guangzhou) near the second-hand housing situation, the current average price of Taiping plate about 12,000 yuan /㎡, the average price of Yunshan city about 11,000 yuan /㎡, the average price of Huayao Li Yuan about 12,000 yuan /㎡, the average price of Oriental Xia Wan about 16,000 yuan /㎡, the average price of Purple Spring Cui Lijia park about 12,000 yuan /㎡.Overall, the price is significantly higher than the same plate second-hand housing market price.For residential projects of the same type, such as ocean view in Zengcheng, the average price is about 21,000 yuan/square meters, and Hehe New Town in Huadu, the average price is about 24,000 yuan/square meters. It can be seen from the suburban areas, time Impression (Guangzhou) has a higher overall cost performance.The impression of The Times is located at the north gateway of Guangzhou New Zealand Knowledge City, enjoying the potential development of Guangzhou International Health City and New Zealand Knowledge City.The project covers an area of about 102,948 square meters, with a construction area of about 560,000 square meters. There are 18 residential buildings planned, including 36,000 square meters of impression Center, 35,000 square meters of science and innovation Center and talent apartment. Besides, xinguang Best Shopping Plaza has been put into use around the project, which can meet the daily needs of commercial facilities.The community plans to build a kindergarten, a nursery and a children’s palace.There are swimming pool, children’s activity area, elderly activity area, oxygen bar courtyard, youth activity area, sunshine lawn, badminton court and so on.The project is close to taiping Subway entrance of Line 14, which is within walking distance. In addition, it is surrounded by four major subway lines.The main construction area of the project is about 88-105 square meters of three to four rooms, covering about 88 square meters of three rooms with the main suite, 98 square meters of south three rooms, 99 square meters of transparent three rooms and 105 square meters of comfortable four rooms.House type analysis Times impression (Guangzhou) in the sale of building area of about 88-105 square meters three to four rooms, equipped with indoor garden storage, life is trivial there;L large kitchen equipped with ultra long operating platform, making people feel free;Horizontal hall layout without redundant walkway, no waste of space.The construction area is about 88 square meters for the design of three rooms with the master suite, and the master bedroom is about 18 square meters, with a baby bed and two meters of wardrobe reserved, high space utilization rate;About 1.75m deep balcony can create a small garden;L-shaped kitchen reserved double door refrigerator space, enjoy the ultimate experience.Construction area of about 105 square meters is the layout of four rooms, the overall horizontal hall design, no corridor space without waste, about 11.4 meters wide, good lighting and ventilation effect;The bedroom is also designed to be large, the space of the four rooms can be effectively used, and the two-child era can also be in place in one step;Master bedroom suite design, home more private and comfortable.Metro: Time impression (Guangzhou) is surrounded by Taiping Subway entrance of Line 14, surrounded by four subways and one urban rail. The third station can reach Jiahe Wanggang, connecting with Subway Line 14, Line 14 branch line (China-Singapore Knowledge City branch line), Subway Line 2 and Subway Line 3.It is reported that the first phase of Conghua section of metro Line 14 is 23 kilometers long, with taiping, Shigang, Chicao, Conghua passenger station and Dongfeng stations. The area covers 56 square kilometers, involving 3 streets, 1 town and 28 administrative villages.Bus: age impression around have multiple bus station 1 km, including the taiping subway station bus station (China guangzhou university soft college), the taiping subway station bus station, China institute of soft soft on the south bus station, south bus station, China city bus station yunshan garden, development zone management committee, pearl road, from the site, such as road can hook each big commercial facilities, travel is very convenient.Self-drive: The west side of Time Impression (Guangzhou) is near Guangcong South Road, drive 13.4km north into Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, the road is smooth, you can quickly reach the downtown of Guangzhou.Surrounding supporting education: Time Impression (Guangzhou) surrounding primary schools have Taiping Town Central Primary School, Taiping Town Second Central Primary School, Taiping Town Third Primary school and other schools;Middle schools are surrounded by taiping Middle School, Taiping No. 2 Middle school and other middle schools.Medical treatment: There is no grade A hospital in the vicinity of Time Impression (Guangzhou), but there are Taiping Hospital and Taiping Town Central Health Center in Conghua District within 3 kilometers, and the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University within 15 kilometers.Business: Time Impression (Guangzhou) 3 kilometers around the ma Zai Mountain Park, Lixiang Park, Tropic of Cancer Park, China soft silk kapok Square and other park facilities;In addition, within 1 km of the project is Xinguang Baide Plaza, and within 3 km is Taiping Shopping Mall and other commercial supporting facilities.For more information about the property market, or to consult specific real estate, you can add tmall good housing “Fangxiaomao” enterprise wechat signal, pull you into the group oh, let’s talk about those things to buy a house in Guangzhou.Encourage state-owned enterprises to participate in the transformation, the key contiguity development of luxury housing cluster into the market!10 million is no longer a threshold?Take guangzhou garden, Yuexiu Xikeng, Jin Guicun transformation the fastest start this year