The 29 roads are involved in the opening of special lanes for the Paralympic Winter Games

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Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games will open on March 4, according to ping An Beijing wechat public account.Transportation to ensure the winter paralympics run normally, released on January 14, according to the Beijing municipal people’s government of Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympics temporary traffic control measures of circular and the municipal public security traffic administration issued “about the Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympics in Beijing set up the Olympic lanes announcement of relevant matters,The Olympic Lane was opened from February 26 to March 16, involving 29 roads.Compared with the Winter Olympics, 13 fewer roads were involved and 42.8 kilometers of dedicated roads were reduced.Specific as follows:The ritual high-speed (six loop to the city community section), the second high-speed airport (T3 terminal to the tube head), Beijing high-speed ping (Li Tianqiao to wenyu), the airport expressway (wenyu bridge to its section), northwest fourth ring road (concentration bridge to its section), mound stone road (concentration bridge to export quang ninh road section), north rings (olin west bridge to the new high-speed arrow pavilion), the new high-speed (arrowPavilion bridge to six ring road), north west road in sand-layered (beichen west road to stability sections), cultural, DaTun (beichengdong road to our section office), hui road (beichengdong road to our section office), olin west road (hui road to ring road), beichen west road (north west road in sand-layered to hui road), beichen east road and went the way (hui road to north road in sand-layered), sweet garden street (united wayTo celebrate the long street), fragrance garden street garden street to the east street (section) and lung street (Gui water street, north street to the fragrant garden section), west along the city street (d meng road to delay kang road), the world garden road (road to the little big sections), st the west street (the park road to delay kang road), st the street (delay road to yanqing high-speed section), unity (e. springs toll station to the fragrant garden street section), extended road (west along the cityStreet to Shengbai Street section), Baikang Road (Yankang Road to Shiyuan section), Xiaoda Road (Fu Xiaolu Road to Shiyuan section), Fu Xiaolu Road (Donghongsi Toll Station to Banquan Toll Station section).Except for the Beijing-Li High-speed Olympic lane, all other Olympic lanes will be open from 6 PM to 24 PM.During the opening period of the Olympic Lane, only the following three types of vehicles will be allowed to pass through the Olympic Lane.(1) Vehicles with Olympic special certificates, including passenger vehicles that are allowed to pass the Olympic Special lane according to the permission indicated on the vehicle certificates;Vehicles to transport luggage and equipment for members of the Olympic family;Carry out communication, electricity, doping test, medical aid and emergency vehicles for stadium operation;Satellite broadcasting vehicles for the broadcast of matches;Logistics, catering, waste cleaning and other freight vehicles with a total mass of 4.5 tons (excluding) or less.Second, vehicles with opening (closing) show and rehearsal permit can pass on the day of the event;Three is the implementation of emergency tasks of police cars, fire engines, ambulances, engineering emergency vehicles.Motor vehicles may still borrow the special bus lane to pass on the roads with Olympic special lanes when the Olympic special lanes are in use.Adjustment details of Olympic Lane 1. The distance of Olympic Lane is shortened by 3 roads 1.The section of airport expressway from Beijing Capital Airport to Xindong will be adjusted to wenyu Bridge to Siyuanqiao 2. The section of northwest Fourth Ring Road from Wukesong Bridge to Siyuanqiao will be adjusted to Dinghui Bridge to Siyuanqiao 3.The section of Beitucheng West Road from Beijing-Tibet Expressway to Anding will be adjusted to the section of Beichen West Road to Anding.Freight North Road (airport Expressway to Airport North Line) 2. East Fourth Ring Road (Siyuanqiao to Sihuiqiao) 3.North Second Ring Road (Xizhimen Bridge to Deshengmen Bridge) 4. Deshengmen Outer Street (Deshengmen Bridge to Madian Bridge) 5.6. Xizhimen Wai Dajie (Xizhimen Qiao to Zhongguancun South Dajie) 7.Zizhuyuan Road (Zhongguancun South Street to Chedaogou Bridge) 8. Kehui Road (Lincui Road to Beichen West Road) 9.Lincui Road 10. Zhongguancun South Street (from Dahuisi Intersection to Xizhimen Wai Street) 11.If there is a source of error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: