Thirteen units in Our city were selected as the first “Quality Service Demonstration Window” of the provincial medical insurance system.

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, before the reporter understands in the municipal medical insurance bureau, provincial health bureau issued by the “about the 2021 provincial excellent medical security system, the enhancement construction units and the” high quality service demonstration window, “praise the bulletin, our city named the province’s health care system enhancement of construction unit, the city 13 orgnaization of agency of health and the medical establishment that decide a dot in the first demonstration window,” “excellent service.It is understood that the provincial health insurance system closely around the key work tasks in the field of health insurance, through regional self-examination, cross-examination and third-party service organizations, such as open inspection and secret visits, selected a number of outstanding representatives.’s first batch of “quality service demonstration window,” unit of insurance agency orgnaization has seven, baota district of yan ‘an medical insurance agency respectively, the medical insurance agency, the county urban and rural residents medical insurance agency orgnaization of medical insurance center, huanglong county center, rich county medical and maternity insurance agency, yanchang health care service center, smaller city medical insurance agency, etc.;Won the first “quality service demonstration window,” unit of the medical establishment that decide a dot has six, yanan university hospital, Peking University third hospital yanan branch (yan ‘an hospital of traditional Chinese medicine), wuqi county people’s hospital, yan rui kang big pharmacy co., LTD., purple jade shops, yanan yanhuang NPC pharmacy co., LTD., hundreds of meters avenue store, its holding yanan large pharmacy co., LTD.The relevant person in charge of city health care system, said yan health care will continue to send force, development innovation, continue to deepen reform of “pipes”, further improve the medical insurance information platform function, convenient, for extension of orgnaization of service of the chain, to increase the efficiency of the service orgnaization of the window, and thorough going efforts to promote health public service standardization, standardization construction,In the practice of adhering to the people first, promote the high-quality development of Medical security in Yan ‘an.(reporter Ye Siqing) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: