A Tour of the World in 1,460 Days (266)

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MAO felt the rain pouring down today.Brother MAO did a lot of things yesterday, to help a friend for money, a cent are in place, for the coming New Year added a thick ink light color.All the ups and downs of today are preparation for the comfort of tomorrow. There is a conscious initiative to go through the ups and downs. History is an endless river.Brother MAO does not like to boast and talk about the mysterious, it is not the door of the mysterious, brother MAO also does not like a person to another person’s special good, normal normal ordinary, especially good is very few things.Is it natural, for example, to be more enthusiastic about one child than another?The worst thing about being cryptic is that it doesn’t help.A man came to visit and said that he had enjoyed the best of hospitality. Ushers were suitable for secretaries and ushers for managers. If he did a job that pleased him, he was given raises and shares in the company as a bonus.If MAO Elder brother’s boy encounters this and so on matter, can foresee MAO elder brother how happy.If maogge home little woman encounter this kind of thing, Maogge will be a little more careful think twice before acting.Maogge always believes that it is better for girls to give priority to their families and work is ok. Social work is not recommended.MAO Elder brother’s point of view is a bit unique, but MAO Elder brother would rather be called by others MAO SAN think like MAO elder brother’s grandfather in the bookcase has appeared the wu think before in that way is not pleasing, also do not agree to give up their own point of view, MAO Elder brother thinks his point of view is right.The rain has turned to snow, boiling.Everything in the world is beautiful.Colorful, MAO elder brother like the world rich flowers.