After the Operation of Gwadar, the malacca Strait has become less useful and the US and Singapore have miscalculated

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After the iron melon, port operation, the strait of malacca function decline, the United States and Singapore’s mistake in the international situation, the port control in this category will master a most of the advantages, and our country before also had a deficit in this respect, but up to now the iron melon, port operation, made to decrease the effect of the malacca strait,Do you know what is the story behind this incident?Gwadar, on Pakistan’s south-west coast, is just 400km from the Strait of Hormuz, the de facto global oil artery over which the US has long sought control.Sparta, at the same time, Hong Kong is also the eyes of a restaurant, but let them not think of, in 2001, Pakistan in through to other countries for the construction of the port only to benefit under the premise of, so this year they give the right to use the port to the our country, and after 14 years of construction in our country,It also opened the port to shipping in 2016.So why should this miscalculate the US and Singapore?This is mainly because oil imported from the Middle East had to pass through the Indian Ocean and the Malacca Strait, but the operation of this port has greatly changed the situation.Before, most of the country’s goods were transported by sea. Most of them went through the Strait of Malacca, among which 80% of China’s oil imports and 50% of its import and export trade need to go through the strait.Therefore, the control of the straits is equivalent to the control of China’s economy and energy. The United States, which has been trying to carry out technological blockade on China, will not miss this opportunity, so they have certain control over these straits through Singapore.The strait of Malacca has a total length of 1080km, and only 2.8km at its narrowest point. Now it has become one of the most popular channels for merchant ships in the world, with more than 100,000 ships passing through it in a year alone. It is a very important checkpoint in maritime transport.It was also a point of contention until, at the end of World War II, the strait was handed over to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore for joint administration.Then in 1990, the United States reached an agreement with Singapore, finally reached a multinational naval base use, on this matter, actually the choice of Singapore is not so surprising, Singapore with the surrounding countries have been relationship is not so friendly, also often friction, they cooperate and the United States, most part of self-preservation.On the other hand, they are also trying to increase their country’s international influence in this matter. After gaining a foothold in the United States, they naturally believe that the development of their country will gain them more advantages in the future.But the purpose of the United States is not only in each other’s territory has its own military base so simple, in June of 2020, the United States is in the form of a wheel in locally deployed five littoral combat ships, this shows that the United States has obvious military related deployment for the strait of malacca, in the event of an emergency,The U.S. military stationed in Singapore can control the entire Strait of Malacca in just 24 hours, and can also achieve the purpose of restricting Our country.But of course, our country is not sitting on its hands.The United States has been carrying out technical blockade on Our country, but also let our country have more experience. In terms of the current strategic layout of Our country, we have been reducing our dependence on maritime oil transportation. In fact, the development towards this aspect is to reduce our dependence on the strait of Malacca this route.Secondly in terms of transportation problem, in addition to the sea and land, actually can also go by land, so now will be launched in actively central trains in our country, the current situation, perhaps in the number of existing land transport co., LTD., as shipping so powerful, but in an emergency situation, it can replace the sea land transportation play an important role.This means that in the future, it is highly likely that we will no longer need to rely on the Straits of Malacca controlled by the MILITARY of the United States. In conclusion, all of these can prove that the calculation of the United States and Singapore is completely useless.Of course, we still have this reversal, thanks to the gwadar Port, which has huge potential, and Pakistan not only handed over their 2,280 acres of land to us, but also signed a 43-year lease, including a 23-year tax holiday,It also shows that the deal between Pakistan and China is very sincere.Under the construction of Our country, the annual cargo throughput of this port will reach more than 300 million tons, and it will become the largest port in Pakistan in the future, which will greatly promote the economic development of both countries.In addition to China’s commercial interests, this port can also provide certain material and logistical support for China’s navy. On this basis, China’s escort and peacekeeping operations in this region will be more convenient.In fact, in the past, the United States and other countries also secretly thought of some ways to block the construction of the port, but from the results, they were disappointed.Not afraid of the US threat!China buys more Iranian oil, Iran energy Cooperation ‘smarter’Russian rocket forces can destroy US troops faster than US planes without nuclear bombs. How difficult will it be for China to build the world’s first undersea high-speed rail?