Baby girl abandoned 14 days after birth in Hubei province, became doctor 24 years later, parents brought 500,000 yuan to her home for recognition. Why

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In 2015, a girl who was given away at birth was identified by Qiang Bo with her biological parents on Stage of the Chinese Dream Show.The girl refused without mercy.This drew a merciless rebuke from host Zhou Libo.The scene came to be known as a classic moral kidnapping.What is the truth?Why does a girl refuse to identify herself in front of an audience?Are girls really as selfish as Zhou Libo said?It all starts at the beginning.In the winter of 1987, it snowed lightly in Hubei. The winter of this year was extremely cold.Xiao chongyang and his wife Qi Chunlan were on their way to the hospital instead of staying at home on such a snowy day.His wife Qi Chunlan was weak and sickly. It was common to come to the hospital. It was not unusual to come to the hospital on a snowy day.This day, however, was different.On their way back, xiao Chongyang, her husband, found a baby girl on the front lawn.Children in the cold wind was frozen to purple face, Xiao Chongyang looked around, but did not find the child’s biological parents.He immediately took the child in his arms, lest he should be sick with cold.Kind-hearted Xiao Chongyang and his wife took the child to the hospital for examination, but also inquired about the child’s parents in the hospital for a long time, but did not find any clues.The couple quickly concluded that the child was an abandoned child abandoned by his parents.For the child sent to the door, Xiao Chongyang couple had the idea of adoption for the first time.Two people married for many years, but because qi Chunlan is weak, has not been able to have a child, so for this little girl’s initiative arrival, the couple are very happy.But two people are afraid of the child is not abandoned, so even if two people do not want to, or to the police station reported the case, until a long time after no parents to claim, two people officially adopt the three months of the little girl.They named the child Jingjing, which means to shine like a star.The arrival of Jingjing brought joy to the family, even Qi Chunlan’s illness suddenly recovered a lot.Since he had Jingjing, Xiao chongyang has worked even harder.He was originally a soldier, and after he retired, he began to carry gas to other people’s doors. He would climb upstairs to deliver gas to other people’s doors, so that he could earn a little extra money.Since he had a daughter, Xiao Chongyang went upstairs without saying anything, others laughed at him.He always responded with a smile: I want to make milk powder money for my daughter.The couple both give Jingjing the best things they can.Jingjing was weak from childhood, not less into the hospital, but Xiao Chongyang two people have never complained, every time jingjing completely cured before dare to take home.For Xiao Chongyang and Qi Chunlan love, young xiao Jingjing is also see in the eye, she was excellent grades, hope to use good results to repay parents hard.After school, Xiao will help her mother do housework, because she knows her mother’s health is not good, she hopes to share housework for her mother.In 2001, when Xiao was in junior high school, Qi’s illness worsened and she knew she didn’t have much time left.So I had to decide whether to tell Jingjing where she came from.Many times, she was about to speak but stopped.Until her last breath, this kind and gentle woman did not tell her children the truth.She was so fragile, she was afraid of losing her sweet, sensible child.After her mother died of illness, Xiao felt her father’s hardship more deeply.Not only to work around to make money, but also to take care of themselves in life, so Xiao Jingjing had to work harder to repay her father.That summer, she was admitted to a key city high school.Three years later, successfully entered the 985 key middle school – Huazhong Agricultural University.Xiao Chongyang was very happy when he got the admission notice. He held his daughter in his arms and cried bitterly: “Your mother can rest in peace.Xiao jingjing also shed tears. If only her mother had been alive, she would have been so happy.In college, Xiao not only studied harder every day, but also worked part-time to earn her living expenses.After xiao Chongyang knew this, he called his daughter: “Just study hard. Even if you smash your pot and sell iron, I will provide you to finish college.”Xiao Jingjing is determined to find a well-paid job and let her father take care of himself.Xiao Jingjing is getting closer and closer to her wish.In the year of graduation, Xiao jingjing was recommended for admission to graduate school because of her outstanding comprehensive ability in various aspects. She also got the qualification to go to Canada to pursue a doctoral degree at public expense.After xiao Chongyang knew this, he could not hide his joy and happily shared the good news with his neighbors.Xiao Chongyang how will not think, Jingjing’s parents also heard the news came.They found xiao Jingjing home, tell the grievances of the year: it is no way, just send the second daughter away.Xiao Jingjing can not believe this fact, Xiao Chongyang they are so good to themselves, how could he not be their own daughter?But then Xiao chongyang nodded and xiao had to accept the fact.04 Xiao Chongyang was very nervous, he was afraid xiao Jingjing will go home with his parents, he did not dare to face the facts of the next.Xiao Jingjing after listening to her parents’ complaints, suddenly repeatedly clear the truth of that year: her parents always want to give birth to a son, did not expect to give birth to the first two are daughters.Finally, they discuss and decide to send Jingjing away to have another child.They put the child in front of the hospital and saw xiao chongyang and his wife take the child away before leaving.In fact, they have been living in a town only a few kilometers away from Xiao Chongyang. This time, they came to know each other when they heard that their child was admitted to the post-doctoral program.Other than that, they never come to Jingjing.Biological parents came up with 500,000 yuan, said to thank Xiao Chongyang couple for their daughter’s training, they want to take Jingjing, make up for her daughter.Although Xiao Chongyang is extremely reluctant, but also helpless.Who let them be jingjing’s real family?But no one expected that Xiao jingjing refused.Her answer was crisp: I have only one biological parent in my life, and those are my adoptive parents.The moment you chose to lose me, our relationship broke up.These years, is Xiao Chongyang they pull their own grow up, otherwise, there can be no today’s Xiao Jingjing.In addition, these years, biological parents have been their own news, but not once to care for their own, what kind of parents?When Xiao needed her parents most, they never showed up, even though they were in the same town.After driving away her biological parents, Xiao firmly tells xiao chongyang: ‘You will always be my only father and my closest person in the world.Xiao chongyang burst into tears.In the end, Xiao Jingjing gave up the chance to read a doctor, she thought: doctor can read later, but to accompany his father only this time.She chose to work and settle down in Shanghai, and then took Xiao Chongyang over.After work, Xiao Jingjing’s biological parents have been looking for them, just hope that her daughter called them mom and dad.But Xiao jingjing refused, but xiao jingjing did not refuse to meet his own sister.After two sisters recognize a month, the elder sister wants jingjing to accompany oneself to attend the recording of “China dream show”, did not think of elder sister and program group arrangement, hope Jingjing recognizes his own couple.This time the girl chose to refuse.But did not think of zhou Libo’s moral kidnapping.’Do you want to be a tolerant and loving person, or a narrow-minded and indifferent person?’ Zhou said in front of the entire audience.Xiao Jingjing unmoved, or stick to their own ideas.If you make such a choice today, you will not be happy. Don’t let your children think you are a bitter and narrow-minded woman!”The girl had no choice but to finally take a family photo with her parents, and her expression was full of reluctance.Treat the adoptive father, Xiao Jingjing did to cast peach, reported to Qiongyao;For her biological parents, Xiao is estranged.Not because she’s cold, but because her conscience won’t allow her to hurt her foster parents again.The most precious thing in the world is someone who takes the time for themselves.Xiao Chongyang and Qi Chunlan guard Xiao Jingjing with his half life, Xiao Jingjing must also guard the old age of his adoptive father.To that end, she made this choice.Do you agree with her choice?Speak your mind.