Can visit Yu Sheng, blue uncle, see yu Sheng study seriously

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Looking at the time, it was just 1:00 in the afternoon. He sent a text message to Yu Sheng and decided to visit him: Yu Sheng, where are you?In the car sales department.Where is that?I’ll check on you.(Yu Sheng sends the address to Ke er.Kerr opens the address and navigates on the phone to see the distance of 4km.)I’ll walk. Can you wait for me?Yes, I work here.Ok, I’ll be there now.There’s a connection.Well.Kerr walked slowly along the street, always in a hurry when he was reading, but now when he strolled along and stopped, he found flowers blooming like a brocade on the side of the street and on the projecting balconies of the houses facing it.People do a good job of greening, married unexpectedly become leisure, have leisure to see flowers and grass.Looking at the people coming and going in the street and the cars speeding by, Kerr suddenly realized that as long as he let his mind relax, he would have the opportunity to see different scenery.Kerr walked slowly, half an hour to yu Sheng work place.She went straight to the store, far to see Yu Sheng is reading.Salesman A salesman in a suit and tie sees Kerr and walks up to her, “Miss, how can I help you?”Kerr: “I’m looking for Yu Sheng.”Salesman: “There he is.”Kerr: “Thank you!Yes.”Kerr went to Yu Sheng’s side and stood quietly, watching him reading carefully, not having the heart to disturb him.Yu Sheng finished reading one page and was about to open another. He looked up and found Kerr looking at him. “Kerr, you arrived, why didn’t you call me?”Kerr: “look at you so serious appearance, do not want to disturb you!”Yu Sheng: “come, come and sit down.”Kerr: you’re at work?Yu Sheng: “Yes.”Kerr: “Working in your own company?”Yu Sheng “shushed”, beckoning Kerr to speak in a low voice, “they don’t know that I am the son of the boss of the company, I said I was working.”Kerr, the car salesman, smiles. “You’re experiencing life.”Yu Sheng: “I bought a Bentley, you wait for me to get off work, I will take you for a drive.”Kerr: “Sure.”Yu Sheng: “you sit down and wait for me.”Kerr lowered his voice: “Yu Sheng, LET me see your father.I used to see your father when I was a kid, but now I don’t see him anymore.Your parents were there on my wedding day.”Yu Sheng: “Ok, go ahead.”She took the elevator to the 12th floor. When the elevator door opened, she came out and went to the information desk.A little sister asked her, “Who are you looking for?””I’m looking for Chairman Blue.””Do you have an appointment?”Salesman “No.However, can you call chairman Blue for help?”The telephone of the service desk rang at this time, the attendant answered the phone, put the phone down for a while, “is your name Liu Ke er?””Yes, I am Liu Ke er.””The chairman wants you in.””Thank you.””You’re welcome.”Kerr then went to the door of the chairman’s office and knocked.The chairman heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”Kerr opened the door and came in. “Hello uncle Blue!”Chairman: “Kerr, today how free to see uncle ah?”Kerr: “I haven’t seen yu Sheng, uncle and aunt for a long time. Come to see you.Woo Sung is my best friend and friend. If I have time, OF course I will come to see him.”Chairman: “we yu Sheng have no luck, otherwise ah, you have to call my father.”Kerr: “Yu Sheng will meet a better woman.Uncle, fate this thing, not clear.I never thought I would marry Kim Woo-chan.