Chen Hao: the second quarter market shock sideways may be positive solution

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Xiaobian by: Friday three index low open high, early collective red after higher.Afternoon two cities red shock, northbound capital flow into more than 8 billion yuan, multiple financial plate force, real estate plate higher, securities plate intraday strong.The Shanghai composite index rose 0.94% to 3,282.72 at the close of trading.Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.91% to 12227.93;The Index rose 0.28% to 2666.97.Today two city market low drive high, index can tenacious red disk, visible disk is still relatively stable;Shanghai stock Exchange 50 core white horse stocks have also picked up, so this rise can let investors feel at ease to do more?How will this trend evolve?Wolf shuai Chen Hao today guest central Radio live, not only analysis trend more plate analysis!Chen Hao Shanghai Index current point into the strong resistance area above the position is around 3350 points, visible below the support is very strong.In particular, today we see the evaluation indicators of the market, such as capital, main and selling orders and pressure are long relative advantages.For the market, we seem to have a complex is looking forward to further down, after all, if you go up, you will face the solution of the set: a lot of people are ready, the solution of the set of words to go, so the solution of the cast pressure is certainly there.Market analysis so in this case, the whole second quarter market shock sideways may be positive solution.We have a judgment that this year’s market should take place in the third quarter, at present there is a certain sense.For example, in the next three months, it will take some time for the surrounding situation to stabilize until the capital market’s expectations are clear. At present, there are too many variables.And to the third quarter is summer, seasonal speaking spring is not particularly good words, to summer these things will be past, time is also enough.So what does Weiwei think?Second quarter shock, consolidation, bottom;The third quarter to eat market;The fourth quarter is not clear right now.The bank had a good week, but it is not the same.Because bank integral achievement, growth sex is general like, but bank also somebody does pretty good.Recently, all institutions have nothing to do. All kinds of expectations, all kinds of thinking modes and all kinds of theories that can produce windfall profits and double profits have become invalid.So you can only do some allocation in a relatively low valuation, so banks are like everyone’s first choice.But banks also have good stocks and bad stocks, you might as well buy more or less according to the performance rankings.Now is the main force does not control the situation of the recovery of lost ground in a process.The bank that real main force controls dish also does not exceed six, the bank that remains mostly still is scattered disposition.The underside of the main control stocks is supported, which is characterized by the fact that the first two quarters have been the digestion of profit selling pressure to complete the sideways;Do not control after the end of the stock rebound will enter the digestion of profit selling pressure sideways.Although the chip has basically fallen in the main hand, retail investors are generally used to see the bottom of the walk, so the main force to buy goods prices are generally not low.Therefore, the identification mark of the control plate is not to profit chip is the main force, look at the picture can understand, is to pull up to cross, not back.Analyses (a) the plate more heat is the real estate sector in the past two days, because in the real estate sector has a dozen blue chips, in the real estate regulation, the experts also shows a view that the real estate industry is a long-term livelihood of the people just need to, no matter when, no matter how policy side, there is always someone building a house, there is always someone to make money.If the real estate industry is struggling, profits are concentrated in a handful of companies at the top.So there has been a lot of consolidation in the real estate sector, and the leveraged, land-speculation stocks have ended up dead.So it’s important to note that real estate is not a race track for the entire sector, but is currently undervalued due to a long period of neglect.So institutions also treat it as a configuration.On the whole inside housing real estate stocks, it is difficult to find institutional heavy warehouse stocks.So at the moment, it’s just that the oversold space has been recovered, so it shows a bit of confidence;But a little more selling pressure comes out, so you can’t chase it.In turn, if the performance of real estate stocks fell back, short – term copying bottom, this I am not opposed.In the near future the market recently gave a lot of even board stock, hit with subject matter stock, like this kind of ticket is actually produced a resonance.At present, there is a serious shortage of institutional investment targets, some passive, hurry to give some, or miss a little pity, that is the reason;Coupled with some industry-wide deregulation of policy, there are external stimulus factors.In this regard, I expect that real estate, as a pillar industry of the economy, will develop steadily in the future.The other one is about steady growth, such as construction, building materials, etc. I think this hot spot is not too high.At present, China’s economy as a whole is not showing rapid growth in some areas, but a very broad and balanced development of demand.This is also related to China’s e-commerce is particularly developed, and its demand diversification is almost impossible to count, that is, any demand is constantly running a variety of traffic, and the efficiency is particularly high.So from a macro point of view, China’s economic shape is very healthy.Some people are worried about whether the 5.5% GDP is under pressure.From my personal point of view, there is no pressure;And recent environmental factors may be working in China’s favor.Like the semiconductor fell or quite obvious, I think the big technology plate in the second quarter to a cold cold, down at any time we bottom.Because its imagination space has been done out, belongs to the past, has been fully proved by the capital market, so the whole area will become cold.So you have to be aware that the most recent favourites are the ones that haven’t gone up before;No matter good or bad, you dig in it, like semiconductors, lithium, new energy, new energy vehicles…These have to be a little bit careful.