Football association headache!A number of sponsors heavily reward women’s football, football association rewards or less than The Chinese team to reach the round of 12

2022-07-17 0 By

China rallied from 2-0 down to score two goals in five minutes and a stoppage time winner to beat South Korea 3-2 and win the Asian Women’s Cup for the ninth time.After the match, Chinese men’s football players, sports circles, entertainment circles and others have sent messages of blessing, and the topic of Chinese women’s football winning the championship has completely swept the screen.After the men’s national team was knocked out of the World Cup during the Spring Festival, the Chinese women’s national team gave everyone a New Year present on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year by winning the Asian Cup.The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, and soon the topic of prize money aroused great hot discussion. First, the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, and the prize was 1 million DOLLARS, over 6 million yuan, and the runner-up was 500,000 yuan.But what is considered more is the reward given by the Chinese Football Association (CFA). After all, China won all four of its last 40 matches in the Li Tie era and advanced to the last 12 rounds of the World Cup with a bonus of 12 million yuan or more.Sources said that the Chinese Football Association attaches great importance to the women’s championship this time, giving a bonus “may” reach or even break 10 million yuan.It is worth mentioning that the bonus of 12 million yuan will be awarded at the end of China’s top 40 tournament, and there are also many additional rewards, which is no secret, such as sponsorship rewards and so on, so the bonus for China’s advancing to the top 12 tournament will almost certainly be higher than the bonus for the women’s Asian Cup.This also caused a certain controversy, such as Huang Jianxiang and other people talked about the Chinese women’s football team’s bonus after the game, but also compared with the National football team, this is because the national football team has a high bonus, but the results are very poor.The treatment of Chinese women’s football team has not been very good, but the results have always been the pride of Chinese football, so it is understandable why the women’s football team bonuses always talk about men’s football team.The sponsors of the Women’s football team have said on social media that they will give a big prize to the Chinese women’s football team for winning the Asian Cup. Despite the fact that The Chinese women’s football team has far outperformed the National team in world competitions such as the Asian Cup, World Cup and Olympic Games, the treatment has been awkward.There’s a reason why Chinese players earn a lot of money when it comes to attention and business, but obviously the women’s team surprises us time and time again, so they deserve big prizes from the Chinese Football Association and corporate sponsors.In 2022, there will also be the hangzhou Asian Games, which is very important. Four years ago, we reached the final in Jakarta, but unfortunately, we were beaten by Japan. This time, I wish the Chinese women’s football team good luck.