Heart boxing seven stars fourteen dozen

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In mind boxing, “seven stars” finger, shoulder, elbow, hand, crotch, knee, foot, and these parts are divided into left and right, so it can also be called “seven stars and fourteen places”.In addition to its strength and strength, the heart boxing is “full of weapons”, so all the limbs and eight bodies can be used to cleverly hit people, that is to say, “the body is full of skills, covered all over with fists”.And in the fight, “a moving 100 branches shake”, no motionless, thus invisible, on the next three plates are out, so that the enemy is hard to defend and finally in the ruthless move defeat.Its skill lies in “flexible, advance and retreat,” that is, progress as fast as a arrow, retreat as a bow, take the enemy wind, hand in the bosom change, step after the foot pedal, not tricks, only about practical.The air of heaven and earth freezes, thunder and lightning erupts, hands are hands, enemies are like taking a mate.Hair strength with magic, out of the potential sound roar, change like dragon.Practice to high depths, invisible, unable, and everywhere is the law, the enemy is all in the invisible between.A, the first hit spectrum cloud: the head hit the meaning of the central, the whole body to difficult;Even the gods are hard to guard against usurping their position through the door.To hit the enemy with the head, not only mind boxing has, each school of martial arts basically use this technique.It’s just the emphasis on the mind.The success of the head, the key lies in the “foot on the door” action implementation.The so-called “middle door”, that is, the other side to support the center of gravity, if we make good use of agile skill to lure the other side, so that its judgment error rout, I wear exhibition and move, quickly take the position, fit bullying into the enemy defense inside, forcing its root section floating, struggling to support.I take advantage of the situation of a sudden blow, or the face, or hit his chest, must be able to achieve a surprise attack effect.At the same time, the head is hard and powerful, if a hit is good enough to damage the enemy.However, what is worth noting is, the head concentrated a lot of human body most important, also be the most fragile organization organ, if use head skill easily and did not receive the effect of top plan, make the head is exposed in the effective strike range of enemy, its consequence cannot bear to imagine.Therefore, the use of head blows to be extremely cautious, in the absence of great grasp or control of the enemy, would rather miss the machine, never move blindly.Two, shoulder spectrum cloud: shoulder hit a Yin back to a Yang, both hands only hide in the hole;Left and right by the cover potential to take, bundle long two words a life.Shoulder is the root of the upper limb, short and strong, it often with the help of the waist and spine shaking, a powerful attack, suddenly hit the enemy to the ground.Shoulder tricks, mainly concentrated in the “bundle”, “long” two words above.The so-called “bundle”, that is, like a spring, condenses strength and is ready to start.The so-called “long”, that is, long body power, put the mind to hit people, like a river burst, overwhelming, unstoppable.Of course, the simple shoulder hit is not realistic, it must be supplemented by necessary other means, can be effectively implemented.Such as gu fa cover attack enemy potential, control its skill footwork, at the same time close to the enemy body, suddenly from the bundle and long, turn the shoulder to put strength (a Yin against a Yang), hit the other side of the chest rib clip ridge, will cause its volley fall, the injury is not light.Three, elbow dozen spectrum cloud: elbow dozen go meaning account for the chest, its potential like tiger attack sheep;Horizontal oblique top force to fierce, left and right to dial mo.A boxing proverb goes, “It is better to get ten strokes than an elbow.”The elbow is the middle segment of the upper limb and has great strength.The use of the elbow attack, with hidden movement, rapid change, just fierce power, extremely difficult to defend the advantages.Therefore, the heart liuhe boxing attaches great importance to the practice and application of elbow techniques, almost all of the moves contain the meaning of elbow strike.The most common elbow methods are: elbow lifting, elbow pushing, elbow smashing, elbow wrapping, elbow turning and so on. These elbow methods have bright and dark, firm and soft, and other skills interweave and connect with the mind six together boxing, forming a unique mind six together boxing short style.To use elbowing successfully, one must first conceal the intention of the attack by using the tactics of deception, and mobilize and control the enemy into a passive defensive position.At this time, I suddenly launched a fierce offensive, like a tiger pouncing on a sheep to disarrange his position, so that the enemy in the anxious, full of flaws, I took the opportunity to elbow, heavy damage to the other side.Four, hand spectrum cloud: the hand is hard to prevent, up and down around the change busy;With strength to spit, his hands only in the ribs.As the tip of the upper limb, the hand is the most frequently used part and the most abundant technique in any boxing.The technique of six combinations of heart and mind boxing requires smooth and solid, without excessive strength.Namely so-called: hit a person such as delimit circle.This is basically similar to shadowboxing.That is to say, no matter what part of the movement to the body, fluctuation left and right sides, before and after both sides, should follow the principle that delimits a circle to go round, or big circle or small circle, or flat circle, or whole circle, or half circle, anyhow should change motion in the circle, such ability can make strength connotation, do not reveal flaw, can send out powerful attack force at any time.And can drive the enemy, soft enemy force, the introduction of failure, so that we always maintain an active attack posture.The heart of the six fist hand fight, focusing on the “virtual, solid, exhibition, release” four words.Loose and unremitting, including and do not reveal that the virtual;Sink to hair strength is real;Long body shu back that exhibition;Strength through meaning far put.Among these four characters, virtual reality is the source of change, and expansion is the source of enemy control.The virtual reality is in line with Yin and Yang, the virtual reality is Yin, the real reality is Yang, and the enemy is engaged in war, or virtual reality, Yin and Yang alternate, qi and Zheng concurrently.Yin hand out Yang hand defense, Yang hand lead Yin hand hit, more to show the strength of the meaning, its clever change, the strength of the strong, enough to make the enemy impossible to defend, in the invincible.The secret spectrum of “hand dozen” to have four: shun, yong, fine, malicious, that is, let nature take its course, brave and decisive, the elves fast malicious not feeling also.Five, hip spectrum cloud: hip hit joint and connected, Yin and Yang mutual use of natural;The outer crotch is like a fish, and the inner crotch is difficult to change.As the root of the body, the crotch is the main part of the power, but as a weapon to directly attack the enemy, in the fighting style is rare.However, due to the swift and powerful power of the crotch, it is always valued by boxers.The key to crotch hitting is Yin and Yang.The so-called “Yin and Yang mutual use” is the alternation of the left and right hips.When hitting with the left crotch, the right crotch must be launched. When hitting with the right crotch, the left crotch usually precedes.Such facilitate in the body turn shake, give out powerful waist hip strength.Due to the special position of the crotch, it can only attack below the enemy’s abdomen.The use of outer hip hit, is the foot across the enemy in the door, suddenly sink to hair strength, impact the other side’s inner circumference of the abdomen, legs and other parts.Outside crotch and inside crotch is the most common method of crotch beating, and sitting crotch, back crotch and other potential beating method and crotch in the fall method of various applications, etc., all belong to a class of crotch beating.All in all, no matter what kind of hip punch, it must keep the body, hand and footwork in harmony, closely cooperate to be effective.Six, knee dozen spectrum cloud: knee dozen a few person unknown, like a tiger out of the cage;The whole body toss and turn ceaselessly potential, about bright pull arbitrary line.The knee is a very stealthy and dangerous weapon.Knee practice techniques, mainly knee, knee, knee, according to different needs, the use of different knee method.Knee is often in a variety of hidden ways to launch the offensive, its attack warning is small, great strength and speed is amazing, it is very difficult to defend, even if the crisis is not chaotic, timely interception may still be knocked out by its huge impact force.However, knee in actual combat, after all, also has its great limitations, one is short attack distance, two is not much change.Therefore, when using knee play, it is necessary to have flexible and powerful body, hand and footwork as the basis, and skillfully mix knee play with other playing methods in order to effectively play power.Seven, foot play spectrum cloud: foot play trample meaning does not fall, the news all with hind legs pedal;Deliberately to prevent enemy perception, castration like the wind blowing.According to the cloud of boxing: three points with the hand and seven feet, it can be seen that foot fighting is the most important technique in actual combat.Xinxin Liuhe boxing emphasizes foot fighting, but there is almost no high leg and open leg fighting.Its foot punch is almost hidden in each move, and almost every move has a foot attack technique.Chicken step step, progress of scraping, are the embodiment of foot skills.The foot fight of the six fists of the mind requires “castration like the wind”, that is, like the wind sweeping the floor, powerful and fast.Therefore, its legs are scraping the ground, and with the help of the ground resistance and reaction force to intensify the strength and power of the legs.In actual combat, the leg and body, footwork in one, advance and retreat like the wind, and high but knee, hidden invisible, really difficult to defend.Boxers call it “leg up half empty”. They believe that it is not easy to use legs in fighting, because when attacking the enemy with one leg, the center of gravity is not stable, so it is easy to be taken by the enemy and injure oneself.However, the foot strike of the six hexes boxing is low and dark, fast and crisp. The attack is usually the opponent’s weak links such as bones, calves and back of the foot. It rises and falls quickly and often causes bone fracture with one kick, so there is no danger of being taken by the enemy.This low leg dark dozen another characteristic, can block, intercept enemy offensive, destroy its center of gravity, weaken its attack force, or can make the other side eat pain and delay the attack speed, for our side calmly use a variety of techniques to hit the other side, create favorable conditions.