“Japan wants to amend the law to help Tsai Ing-wen escape?”

2022-07-17 0 By

The U.S. and Japan have been hyping up the increasingly dangerous situation near Taiwan and the possibility of a Mainland military attack on the island.Japan and the United States held corresponding video conferences.As for the video conference, the two sides are mainly to strengthen their contact with each other, but at the same time, they also put forward their views on some of China’s internal affairs.In other words, they will still interfere in China’s internal affairs and take a united position on China’s issues such as the Taiwan Strait, the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea.Japan has also said it will help Ms Tsai escape if she is in danger.On how to intervene in China’s internal affairs, the United States and Japan also exchanged a large number of views.During the meeting, The Japanese side also talked about revising their national security strategy, with the intention of changing the law to enhance Japan’s self-defense capability.The United States says it will firmly defend Japan and help it in its confrontation with China over the Diaoyu Islands.Specifically, the so-called revision of its national security strategy refers to some provisions targeting China.Japan wants to amend its constitution to allow it to take non-Japanese nationals with it on evacuation missions overseas.That is to say, they can bring Chinese back to Japan, which is clearly a modified clause aimed at China.Obviously, Japan wants to bring some “Taiwan independence” forces back to Japan after the outbreak of the Taiwan War.But some experts say the move doesn’t have much practical effect because the United States has tried to take insurgents out of Afghanistan when it leaves, and it hasn’t taken many.Therefore, it is unrealistic for Japan to take away “Taiwan independence” activists such as Tsai Ing-wen from Taiwan, because the Mainland will never allow such a thing to happen.At the same time, some military experts say that even if a war does break out across the Taiwan Strait, the Strength of the Taiwan army is very likely to last for a short time and completely lose the initiative, so the Taiwan army cannot support Japan and the United States to carry out assistance.And the way things are going now, there is a chance that Taiwan’s army will be dragged down before the Mainland forces even start moving.According to some previous information, the frequency of accidents of Taiwan military fighter jets is so high that it is hard to imagine how much combat capability they have.Part of the source: China Military Culture Research Society