Leisurely tea drinking verses

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Jian donkey Yin shadow, chayan stove cold, wine pavilion door closed.”No stuffy urge snow” tea tripod ripe, drunk Yang, drunk to shixing crazy.A big lie “Ruan Lang return: start of summer” clams in the thatched cottage, tea well cold fish.A Pei Di “West pagoda Temple Lu Yu tea spring” bamboo forget the purple tea, full feather drunk flow chardonnay.A qian “with Zhao Ju tea Banquet” wine leng more like tea bitter group, dream off partial appropriate Rui brain fragrance.Li Qingzhao “the partridge in cold day xiao Xiao on the window” without a hold – bowl, send to love tea people.Don’t be angry when you bake the tea smoke dark, but like the sun grain and sunny weather.A following “mountain home” sigh old to hand over old, sleep to who a total afternoon tea.A lu you “Secluded early summer” toast each other toso wine, scattered taste victory tea.Dong Biwu “New Year’s Day mouth occupy LiuYazi huairen rhyme” cardamom even shoot fried water, mo tea.One Li Qingzhao “wash wash sand disease xiao Xiao Liangbin Hua” old to meet the spring such as sick wine, only the tea cup fragrant seal small curtain.One Xin Qiji “set storm late spring Diffuse xing” mountain monk over the ridge to see tea old, village female when lu boil wine fragrance.A zhu Yunming “Shouxia mountain chant” that year had won, incense fumigating sleeve, live fire points tea.Li Qingzhao “Transfer of Man Ting Fang: Grass pond” Hugh to the old people think of the old country, and will try new fire new tea.A su Shi “Look at jiangnan detached Taiwan” cold night guests to tea when wine, bamboo stove soup boiling fire early red.Du Lei “Cold Night” short paper oblique idle grass, fine window milk play points tea.Lu you “Lin ‘an spring rain at the beginning of the fog” yanliu food tea congee, total I rice fern.One chu Guangxi’s “Eating Tea congee” retains three points of spring and tea may also be recited.Tea outside the wind clear moon shadow, pot side night listening to songtao.Keep medicine before sickness, drink tea without sleep.Mengming jade flowers, the more ou lotus leaves empty.Shu tea sent to but surprised new, weishui fried to juezhen.Red through the sunset, such as take advantage of the afterglow stop horse foot;To boil water for tea, you must draw longquan from the front road.Into the nuzhen thousand sister, thirteen petite tea.Chayan invite guest is good, sail shadow calls the boat to move.Lu Yu shook his head and tong clapped his hands.Kitchen smoke at first cooked smoke heart vegetables, fire new dry roll leaf tea.No tea, no rice, silent, blindly for his haggard.One shu prostitute “magpie bridge fairy said alliance said oath” bask in medicine bamboo zhai warm, pound tea pine courtyard deep.A Huangfu Ran “Looking for dai Virginius” Yang Envy spring tea yao grass, Lanling wine tulips.Everybody’s empty. Sit here for a while.Two is the road, eat a thing.Please, ring words, no bundle, no convenience.Smoke from, drink tea from, say long say short free day.Wu drunk weng feeling, to borrow bucket ladle drink cup.