Liaoyuan Tax Bureau held a special press conference at the launching ceremony of the 31st National Tax Publicity Month

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April grass long, liao River spring water.On April 1, the Liaoyuan Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation held a special press conference for the launching ceremony of the 31st tax publicity month with the theme of “tax incentives to promote the development of Enterprises and benefit the people to the future”, officially kicking off the prelude of the city’s tax publicity month.This press conference invites all kinds of media journalists to participate in the whole process.At the press conference, Gong Chunhe, party secretary and director of Liaoyuan Tax Bureau, introduced that Liaoyuan Tax Bureau will continue to launch a new round of major measures to implement tax preferential policies, help enterprises resume production and expand capacity and optimize the business environment, and send the “warm” tax preferential policies to every taxpayer and payer.Focus on policy changes, tax refund and tax reduction process, system operation, etc., collect all kinds of tax refund, reduction, exemption, credit and adjustment policies in a checklist, and carry out comprehensive training and fine guidance for taxpayers by combining “point” and “aspect”.”Surface”, with the help of “convenient tax spring breeze action” and tax publicity month activities, the use of online and offline channels such as collection and payment interactive platform, solid policy publicity guidance, the implementation of the first launched 80 convenient service measures and the new launch of 25 “spring breeze action” specific measures;On the “point”, according to taxpayers’ categories and personalized needs, “one-to-one” policy push and “point-to-point” guidance reminder are carried out through various “cloud tax handling” channels such as “tax enterprise contact Group” to help taxpayers correctly understand and accurately apply policies.Organize experts and business backbone to set up an online counseling team for tax refund and tax reduction policies, and provide timely and accurate answers and policy interpretation centering on the difficulties and blocking points existing in the process of enterprises’ enjoyment of policies.In view of the recent outbreak of the epidemic, the “contactless” tax services will continue to be deepened, so that tax services will remain open during the new round of the epidemic.We will take a “combination of measures” to help businesses, focusing on the needs of taxpayers and payers to resume work and production, and further leverage the burden of funds by using a combination of policies such as a new round of large-scale VAT reserves to offset tax rebates.For all eligible small and micro enterprises, the rebate rate of incremental tax credits will be increased to 100 percent, and all remaining tax credits will be refunded in a lump sum by the end of June.The full monthly rebate of incremental tax credits will be extended to all manufacturing industries, as well as scientific research and technology services.Further implement the tax credit repair mechanism, reduce the non-subjective and intentional breach of trust under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, and help more taxpayers and payers to enjoy “interactive bank and tax” loans.We sorted out the list of enterprises most affected by the epidemic, provided relevant tax data in accordance with the law, and assisted banking financial institutions in targeted lending.At the same time, combining the reality of the city, to implement the state administration of taxation and other revenue to support the epidemic prevention and control and the company to return to work and production article 18 measures “, from the positive to optimize management measures, further expand the service mode, and strict detailed measures to carry out the tax policy of three dimensions, dividend policy can be converted to “money”, effective help affected by SARS impact enterprises overcome, through.Optimize service development “soft environment” adhere to data access, reduce artificial walking.We will carry out the “Spring Breeze Action of Doing practical things for taxpayers and facilitating tax Handling”, and launch a number of more targeted service measures on the basis of consolidating the existing achievements.Using the functions of the Internet and the electronic tax bureau, it has launched features such as remote help, online coordination and so on to realize the tax “online, self-service, online answer”.We will strengthen advance notification, in-process guidance, and lack management to ensure that items on the list only run once, and online items do not run at all.We will fully implement the Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Tax Collection and Administration, focus on building a new system of tax and fee services, innovate service measures, improve service quality and efficiency, exchange the “reduction” of business processes for the “addition” of audit efficiency, and strive to respond to public concerns through quality and efficient services.Later, the heads of relevant business departments released and interpreted the announcements concerning the widely concerned taxpayers, such as further strengthening the implementation of the policy of VAT retention and tax rebate at the end of the period, exemption of VAT for small-scale VAT taxpayers, “six taxes and two fees” exemption policy for small and micro enterprises, and preferential income tax for small and micro enterprises.GongChunHe said, will be in a month of tax and other revenue awareness month, closely around the “tax incentives to promote development Hui qi and into the future “theme, focusing on” the opinion on further deepening the reform of the tax collection and administration “, the combined taxes support policy, for taxpayers JiaoFeiRen series propaganda guidance activities.To promote high-quality tax modernization, promote high-quality economic and social development, to meet the party’s “20” victory held to create a strong and upward atmosphere of public opinion.(NieDuo)