Living in today’s society is our pride

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Living in today’s society is indeed our pride, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, social stability life rich, a peaceful scene, we have to have such an environment and proud, we have to have such a party and proud.New Year hu Bingyan years, so in the silent over, heart, but still like frozen lake.Struggle, like the sea as turbulent waves, wealth, already ran to the pockets of others.Do not know when to start, have no longer want to go to the New Year.Because of the lack of New Year flavor, afraid of the ring to add a circle.Unforgettable tonight sing for a year and a year, can not return to the romantic youth.What does not change is that during the sunrise and sunset, what has changed is our gradually aging appearance.Can not find the original appearance, can not find the flowery partner.The years have carved each of our faces, the years have pushed each of us to the abyss.Return to nature Hu Bingyan’s hair has gone white hair dyed, lovely children have entered middle age.Grandchildren in the happiness of yan, in front of the purple swallow around the knee.Looking back on how many frustrations and romantic life, a cavity blood paved the road of life.There are not many ellipsis points before the period, the scenery around have been pale.Poverty and wealth advance on the same road, and no one can withstand the ravages of time.Put down your dignity, let your body and mind into nature.Accompany my wife Hu Bingyan now we have lost the romantic youth, forge ahead of the spirit is not as good as before.The right and wrong of the world has already tasted, the evil and good between the earth has long looked pale.No longer to think about wealth and poverty, also no longer aesthetic people’s handsome and ugly appearance, no longer care about the intrigue of the mouth face, heart such as distractions for the present every day.Like the progress of children, happy grandchildren around the knee aesthetic feeling.Nothing to grow flowers and grass poems, good to accompany his wife.We are immortal Hu Bingyan half a century vicissitudes of change, we went beyond the feudal society for thousands of years.Enjoyed the king did not enjoy the happiness, pleasure of the monarch did not have a happy qinghuan.To hear the voices of friends and relatives thousands of miles away, to see the instantaneous transformation of every corner of the world.You can eat fruits and vegetables for four seasons all year round, and you can have things delivered to your home by chanting a mantra.High-speed rail planes let us shorten the distance.Computer networks let the ends of the earth hand in hand.In fact, now we are already immortal, immortal ability size is money.We catch up with The Times, we have to cherish the good.