Members of the Swedish Parliament and the European Parliament will visit Taiwan

2022-07-17 0 By

According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” and other Taiwan media, Taiwan’s foreign affairs department announced today (July 7) that the Swedish parliament and The European Parliament delegation of 12 members are expected to visit Taiwan from April 10 to 14, during which they will meet with Tsai Ing-wen and other senior authorities of the Democratic Progressive Party.”The DPP loves rubbing up against foreigners, and then uses this as an argument to say that Taiwan is seen by the world,” some netizens criticized, “So many gold miners (referring to foreign politicians who visit Taiwan), Taiwan will become poor sooner or later.”The delegation was led by Boriana Aberg, a Swedish member of parliament and president of the Taiwan-Sweden Parliamentarians’ Association, and Charlie Weimers, a Swedish MEMBER of the European Parliament, said Au Jiang-an, spokesman for Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs Department.Members include Kerstin Lundgren, vice President of the Swedish Parliament, And Bjorn Soder, a member of the Swedish Parliament.Mr Ou also said Taiwan’s foreign affairs department “welcomed” the visit of ms Opry and Mr Weimers.Members of the delegation will meet with Taiwan authorities leader Tsai Ing-wen, Premier Su Tseng-chang and other people, and hold talks with relevant personnel of Taiwan’s “national defense security” research.Some political parties in Taiwan (the Democratic Progressive Party) love to rub up against foreigners. Whenever they see foreigners rub up against them, they will do news stories and say that ‘Taiwan is seen by the world’ and so on.↓ Also some netizens criticized, “So many gold miners, Taiwan will be poor sooner or later!”Left for the democratic progressive party (DPP) authorities are collaborating with foreign anti-china legislators and hype related personnel to visit Taiwan, xiao-guang ma, spokesman for the Taiwan affairs office said that the democratic progressive party (DPP) stubborn connections to external forces for “alone”, by bringing in foreign anti-china legislators, attempt to strive for “alone” to make her get the international community to support the illusion, deceive people, about public opinion on the island.The anti-China forces in some countries use Taiwan as a pawn to manipulate Taiwan-related issues and obstruct China’s reunification and national rejuvenation.”We warn some lawmakers of relevant countries to immediately stop supporting the” Taiwan independence “forces in any form, and urge the governments of relevant countries to abide by the One-China principle and prudently and properly handle taiwan-related issues,” Ma said.The DPP administration was finally liquidated for its accumulated misdeeds in colluding with external forces for “independence”.