The original god this 3 characters full life seat, some is not krypton, is the Emperor of Europe!Do you have?

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Is it enough to draw a favorite character?Some people focus on kitchen power or the pursuit of strength, tend to fill the seat, and some friends are good to close, planning the stone, such as the next strength XP in line with their taste of the pool.However, one thing remains the same: five-star characters with high life power and five-star weapons with high refinement. In addition to Kryptonians, they are liver emperor and Emperor Of Europe. After all, considering the shipping rate of Miha And the difficulty of starting with the raw stone, it is good that Little guarantee can draw out the characters he wants.Many characters have higher life power explosions or fault tolerance, such as Yula, Walnut, etc.I don’t know how many friends lost their wallets trying to get high.However, there are several characters of high life, some players are not Krypton, is the Emperor.Lisa, Kaya, Amber Yes, the Royal Three.Unlike travelers, who have all their lives in shops and quest lines, omisanji’s lives also require prayers.And only in the resident pool.And what’s in the resident pool?Amos, Sky, Four Winds, 10 5 star weapons, 18 4 star weapons, 5 resident 5 stars, 14 resident 4 stars, that’s 3/46 (I wrote it by image, there may be some omisations).How low are the odds?Everyone can see next door eternal Spring Festival activity, walnut skin all put in the box (were scolded miserably).Most smoke PuChi friends, basketball sources are various characters to upgrade, ray YingShu channels and so on to, also won’t because mostly PuChi role or hard blunt PuChi weapon (of course also have original krypton guy for one at the end of the war the Wolf resident pool), and of course stores will refresh the royal three lives, but to the frequency of a brush past…So if you want to be able to fill the life of the three, you have to be Kryptonite (also have to be idle to smoke the puchi kind), or the Emperor, after all, can really smoke the three in the puchi, is also another form of Ou, isn’t it?