The spring program “Spring of Art” focuses on the actor industry

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At 10 o ‘clock tonight, Hunan TV’s “Day Day Up” “Spring of Art” gathered China National Theatre actor Wu Bi, China Railway Art Troupe actor Feng Lei on the stage to compete acting;Hao Ruoqi, an actor from China Opera and Dance Theatre, and Xia Tianranqing, the chief actor of Ningbo Opera and Dance Troupe, performed the dance drama Mulan.”WHY” Julian with assistant Du Nanqian, Zhang Xuanjia to present fun parent-child science drama “Physics show”;Hou Letian, founder of Chinese musical comedy, and Feng Shuang, chief oboe player of China Youth Symphony Orchestra, performed hilarious musical comedy;Lee Yeon-ina, one of the few female professional drivers, talks about female power in “Five Minutes to Change the Future.”Hosts Wang Han, Qi Sijun and “Study well” Zhao Xiaotang, Wu Zelin, Zhang Yanqi, Xie Xingyang together in the atmosphere of the Spring Festival to feel the flowering of literary works.Tonight, 5 Minutes to Change the Future continues to convey the unique attitudes of youth.Li Lianyina, a 17-year-old professional cross-country motorcycle rider, has been riding for 9 years in this program. Girls engaged in high-danger sports are always questioned by many harsh people. But in her speech, the audience can see a strong girl who is not blocked by anything in the pursuit of her dream.Preference has no gender. Who says guys can’t love dolls?Girls can’t love riding motorcycles?His willingness to break down gender stereotypes won applause from the audience.This issue of “Day Day Up” invites wu Bi, an actor from China National Theatre, and Feng Lei, an actor from China Railway Art Troupe, to tell the story of playing with outstanding actors.Among them, the hunan satellite TV channel TV plays “good man” of the mandy, fabolous wu he live in his “rival”, also is to let people hate to tooth itch “PUA male” Xu Zheng one horn, in the name of the people’s play Zhao Ruilong “villain profession of” feng lei also challenged the role of a, two national actors a second transition state,The scene of the audience have to pull into the drama situation, deeply feel the charm of the strength of bone performance.New Year’s good drama.In addition to movies and TV works in the public eye, the program also touches on offline performance forms such as stage plays.Hao Ruoqi, an actor of China Opera and Dance Theatre, and the chief actor of Ningbo City Song and Dance Troupe performed the dance drama Mulan live in summer. They also taught classic duet movements of Zhang Yanqi and Wu Zelin of “Study well troupe”. In the process of learning, they deeply realized the “hard work” of the dancers off stage.This program also invited to “according to Dr. Julian with assistant Du Nanqian, parent-child interaction Zhang Xuan jia common performance science show the physical show, in the form of lively and interesting performance to render complex physical phenomena,” study group “members also participate in physical experiment at the scene, including Wu Zelin experience about” chest crushed stone “of the principle of the pressure.In the interesting and thrilling experimental interaction, the audience also developed interest in the originally seemingly obscure physical principles.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Zhang Nan proofread Su Yun