The wind is still blowing from the north-west.Weather forecast for Benxi city in the next three days

2022-07-17 0 By

February 17, daytime to night sunny and cloudy, north wind to west wind force 3 to 4, temperature -4℃ to -16℃.On February 18, it will be cloudy from day to night, with westerly winds of force 3 to force 4, and the temperature from 0℃ to -15℃.On February 19, it will be cloudy from day to night, with northwest winds of force 3 to Force 4, and a temperature of -5℃ to -17℃.In the next three days, the weather in our city will mainly be sunny to cloudy, and the temperature will fluctuate slightly. We remind you to pay attention to the weather changes in time and make corresponding protection.For more weather information, please pay attention to benxi Meteorological Micro blog and wechat official account.The next 24 hours: Air pollution meteorological conditions level 2, which is more conducive to dilution, diffusion and removal of air pollutants.Forest fire risk level 3, easy to burn.