Xia Xiaoqi, head of the design team for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter And Paralympic Games: the pursuit of excellence in “green” artistic conception

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At the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the programs presented the Olympic etiquette and Chinese style perfectly, which was impressive.Yesterday, Professor Xia Xiaoqi, head of the manual design team for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics and director of the Publication Design Research Office of humanities and Future Innovation Design Center of Beijing Institute of Printing and Communication, said after watching the summary and commendation ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics:”Looking back over the last nine months, our team has been absolutely focused on being as good as we can be and constantly striving for excellence.”Xia Xiaoqi told Beijing Youth Daily that in the design process of the opening and closing ceremonies manual for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, everyone is adhering to the spirit of bearing the overall situation in mind, being confident and open, facing difficulties, pursuing excellence and creating a better future.In terms of the overall idea and expression of the handbook, it focuses on deepening the Olympic spirit, emphasizing the creation of Chinese meaning and poetry and painting space, showing the concept of integration of modern science and technology and humanistic feelings everywhere.In this overall concept, emphasis is placed on China’s cultural spirit, style of The Times and national confidence.For example, the design of the opening ceremony manual of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games included such excellent folk cultures as swift and spring, and the artistic conception of China’s green landscape was depicted in the manual of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games, all of which demonstrated national confidence.Show these exquisite design concept perfectly, Xia Xiaoqi and team invested all energy, accomplish as far as possible perfect, the Angle of every design grain appearance, density relation considers repeatedly, some adjusted dozens of drafts even.”During that period, our team gave up all holidays, including summer vacation, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, winter vacation and Spring Festival.I myself had a serious leg injury and was in a wheelchair with crutches to continue to lead the design team.It’s the norm for team members to work for more than a dozen hours straight, often for more than 30 hours without a break.”Xia Xiaoqi said:”As a college teacher, as a conscientious contemporary designer, I feel a strong sense of mission and sense of honor, in promoting the capital culture construction and service security burden of carry, overcome difficulties, not beginner’s mind mission, designed to carry forward the socialist core values and Chinese excellent traditional culture, design effective services to ensure the national major events, not age,Live up to your youth.”Article/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wu Wenjuan editor/Tan Weiping statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com