Yancheng Dongtai: Multi-dimensional efforts to promote urban and rural household garbage classification

2022-07-17 0 By

Yancheng March 15 news Since last year, Dongtai City, Yancheng city, Jiangsu Province, in accordance with the idea of “trial before push, easy after difficult, step by step, systematic advance”, has carried out the “four classification” and “big separation” of recyclable garbage, other garbage, kitchen waste and harmful garbage, and established the classification and delivery.The “whole chain” operation system of classified collection, transportation and treatment has effectively improved the management level of urban household garbage reduction, resource recovery and harmless management.Urban and rural areas, perfect the system of collector handle dongtai around “collection, classification, the set of cleaning, village town transportation, city processing” urban and rural living garbage processing target, strengthen the rural daily cleaning collector team management, equipped with sanitation infrastructure equipment, establish a diversified financing input mechanism, to ensure efficient operation of the living garbage collector system.At present, there are 8 garbage collection stations and 1 medium-sized garbage transfer station in the urban area, with a daily collection and transfer capacity of 300 tons. There are 21 garbage transfer stations in 17 towns and districts of the city, with a daily transfer capacity of 840 tons, ensuring the full harmless treatment of urban and rural household garbage.In 2021, 243,900 tons of domestic waste will be collected, transported and treated, with 100% harmless incineration treatment rate.Consolidate the foundation, improve terminal treatment facilities to promote garbage classification, terminal treatment facilities must be built first.Dongtai city has continuously increased investment in the construction of garbage classification and treatment terminals, laying a solid foundation for garbage classification work, and forming a garbage classification facility coverage rate of 100% in the urban built-up areas.The coverage rate of garbage sorting facilities in 105 residential areas managed by property management in the urban built-up area is 100%;The coverage rate of household garbage sorting facilities in government offices and public institutions is 100 percent.At the same time, a ‘road, the city looks at sea as sample blocks to carry out “for the barrels, make our life more beautiful” series of activities, such as strengthening the village shops along the street of the city all property decoration waste chain codes, to strengthen the daily supervision of eat hutch waste treatment centre, to ensure that the terminal treatment facilities operating normally, and is equipped with four 8 tons of eat hutch waste collecting car for routine collection.Dongtai city, through the combination of traditional media and new media publicity, carries out regular household garbage publicity, goes deep into government offices, enterprises and public institutions, residential communities, etc., to guide household garbage classification and delivery, and improve the awareness rate and delivery accuracy rate.Layers of government cadres, streets, community property volunteers living garbage classification and related personnel professional knowledge training, to last year, the city’s total waste classification organization propaganda activities into the organs, into the community, into the school, such as 322 (times), distribution of promotional materials, from more than 450000 organizations garbage classification training 143 (times), training 8355 people (time),Promoted the masses to consciously carry out garbage classification habit.(Dong Xuan liu Jun)