Adhere to the original aspiration, create a beautiful career

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Actively build platforms for left-behind women to start businesses and find jobs;Organize volunteers to visit and care for left-behind children;Select advanced models such as “the most beautiful family”, promote the most beautiful family tradition, and build a better home……How can women’s federations in remote villages effectively gather women’s mass strength?The Women’s Federation of Shanhe Village, Bailiu Town, Zongyang County, Tongling City, with solid measures, warm heart service to do a good job of people’s livelihood, gather the wisdom of women, recently was rated as “advanced collective of the All-China Women’s Federation system”.Tao Lili, a villager in Shanhe Village, has been a housewife since she got married. She is worried about the cost of treating the elderly and sending her children to school.”Women in the new era should not only be good wives and mothers, but also have their own ‘half of the sky’ economically.”Shanhe village women’s Federation chairman Wang Lihua said.The village women’s federation encouraged Tao to use local materials and establish a garment factory using her own abandoned small workshop. It also arranged for Tao to study abroad and improve her ability to start her own business.With the strong support of the village women’s Federation, Tao Lili spent six years to turn an abandoned workshop into a small garment factory, attracting more than 40 women nearby to find jobs.”I am now able to take care of my family and have an income. My family life has improved and some of my sisters have jobs.”Tao says happily that starting her own business has made her life better and made her more optimistic and confident.It is reported that in recent years, the village women’s Association has organized 110 women in the village to participate in various skills training, and solved 75 left-behind women’s employment problems.The village Women’s federation also helped 17 women in need to apply for small loans, and bought shares in the village economic cooperative in the way of “lending to the community”, and each household received a bonus of 3,000 yuan at the end of the year.How to care for left-behind children accurately?Volunteers from the Women’s Federation of Shanhe Village visited 44 left-behind children in the village, talked with them and made friends with them, and grasped their learning and living conditions in time, so that the left-behind children could feel warmth and love.Village women’s federation also vigorously promote the protection of minors and other laws and regulations, as well as anti-leakage, anti-drowning safety knowledge;We organized members of the village Women’s Council to visit shanhe Primary School regularly, and donated materials worth nearly 50,000 yuan to the students.”We will stay true to our original aspiration, with greater enthusiasm, morale and confidence, promote innovative development of work related to village women and children and embark on a new journey.”Wang lihua said.Photo source/Anhui Daily client reporter/Zhu Qian