Du Chuang Winter Olympics | come across with fire Ice Dun Dun Dun winter Olympics star “Yidun Dun”, he collected 100 related souvenirs

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With the Winter Olympics underway, Yoido Tsujioka, a Japanese TV reporter, is becoming more and more popular.Wherever he went, volunteers and colleagues greeted him and took photos.The reason is very simple. He became famous for chasing Ice Dwen dwen, and also brought fire to Ice Dwen Dwen.Interestingly, Tsujigangyitang was renamed “Yidundun dun”.The panda-obsessed Japanese boy has appeared on CCTV, received gifts from his fans and even connected with bing Dwen Dwen’s designer.On the morning of February 9, the Peninsula media reporter met Yidun Dwen in the media center. Through communication, he found that the cute Japanese boy absolutely loves Bing Dwen Dwen.’If more people care about the Olympics because of his actions, it will be particularly meaningful,’ he said.Dong-a Ilbo reporter Du Jincheng (left) took a photo with Tsujigangyitang (right) in the morning of September 9, when I arrived at the bus transfer point of the media center, I could see many people gathered in front of the bus stop for the Winter Olympics village in the distance, and some photographers raised their cameras to take pictures inside.Is that a star athlete?With questions, the peninsula all media reporters also approached.The young man in the middle of the crowd had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was wearing a mask, but he could see that he was smiling as he spoke.The most striking thing was the two rows of ice pins on his badge lanyard.”Isn’t this Stumpy?”A volunteer standing nearby instantly identified him or her and pulled out his or her mobile phone to take pictures.The story of Yidundun is well known.The Japanese TV reporter, who was in Beijing to cover the Winter Olympics, accidentally left his coat on the plane on his first day in the Chinese capital.Is depressed, he saw the lovely ice dun dun, instant was cured.In his own words “there is nothing cuter in the world than Bing Dwen Dwen”.Adhering to this concept, Tsujioka Yoido began his crazy pursuit of Ice Dwen Dwen in the Winter Olympics.Badges, dolls, bags, scarves, clothes…”I now have about 100 pieces of bing Dwen Dwen memorabilia.”When Asked by Peninsula Media how many ice blocks he has collected so far, Tsujioka said with a touch of pride that while chatting with volunteers who also love collecting ice blocks, tsujioka showed off the special ice blocks from his badge. Interestingly, he even gave each block a name.Just as he named himself “Righteousness Dun Dun”.”Look, this is Eight doundden, and this is nine doundden.Speaking of the difference of each ice pier pier, Tsujiagang Yitang elated to the people around him.Interestingly, when a volunteer found a photo of bingdendun factory making dolls full of warehouses, Tsujiagawa’s eyes lit up, “Where is this? I must go and see, I must go and see!”The persistent tone and firm eyes, completely see that he is “true love” to ice Dun Dun.Tsujioka also bought a lot of Bing Dwen dwen to send back to Japan, the original idea is to let TV stations in the rear of the show more decoration, also want to let the Japanese people can feel the lovely Bing Dwen dwen.But he underestimated the charm of ice mound mound, through his propaganda, the ice mound mound of peripheral products used in Japan website also already is, and the price is sold out, “I phone has been ringing off the hook these days, I buy ice mound mound back to Japan, I’m afraid to go back to when I want to get rid of clothes are in the box, the ice mound mound with trunk”.Bing Dwen Dwen and Yi Dwen Dwen together in this Beijing Winter Olympic Games successful “circle” is also expected.Bing Dwen Dwen designed and created the panda with a cute appearance.It is not only the embodiment of Chinese traditional culture and national characteristics, but also embodies the characteristics of winter ice and snow sports and modern science and technology with the addition of ice crystal shell.As an international friend, Yidundwen’s pursuit of Bing Dwen Dwen is itself a recognition of the Winter Olympics and Chinese culture.”I hope my action will bring more people to pay attention to the Winter Olympics and to snow and ice sports, and if it does, THEN I will be even happier.”Yidun Dun dun’s words make people thumbs up.